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Vote for Rodefer

To the Editor,

Many people know me as the "Bread Lady." I ran the bread store across from the fairgrounds for 20 years before it closed. I made hundreds of friends during those years and I want them to know that my choice for supervisor in the Fifth District is Karl Rodefer.

Karl has a warm and generous heart. He plays down the many incredible accomplishments he's made during his life time, such as being in the top of his flight school class, being an F16 fighter pilot for 15 years, administering multi-billion dollar budgets at the Pentagon, and project manager for private industry defense contracts. Karl quietly contributes his time and money to many local charities never asking for thanks or recognition.

I do know that the Bobby Rapp Memorial Scholarship Fund is one of his favorite charities.

We are fortunate that Karl and his wife, Jo, have chosen Tuolumne County as their permanent home. His desire to serve plus his education and experience, his vitality and proven ability to get things done, are far superior to any other candidate in the Fifth District.

My husband is the political one in the family, but I always make up my own mind on how I'm going to vote. So, after studying all the candidates I must say that Karl Rodefer is clearly the best choice. He will be our full-time supervisor. I sure miss all my former friends and customers from the bread store. If you see me around town please say hello.

Sandy Wynne


Vote no, Measure C

To the Editor,

Its just wrong to use a cause near and dear to most all of us - saving Railtown 1897 State Park from closure by the state - to get a new tax passed.

This new tax is not temporary, but the cause is. This new tax will go on and on in spite of the fact that we will be the only county around these parts unfairly taxing a small handful of job creating private businesses that will be forced to compete with a whole host of competitors that don't have to charge this tax. If I travel and stay in a hotel, I know that no matter where I stay, I'll pay a tax. Not so if I want to pull my popup and stay in an RV park for a week. I'll have to pay a 10 percent tax if I stay in one of the five or six private RV parks in Tuolumne County but not if I stay in a nearby county or in a government run park like the one on New Melones.

I got that popup to save money. When I'm on vacation, I'll surely pay attention to where a 10 percent tax is charged. This is wrong because you can't get a tax like this passed without a temporary cause to hang it on. Where will this money go after the three years?

I say vote no on Measure C.

I believe that Railtown will not close if this tax does not pass.

Joe Storey


Vote for Torchia

To the Editor,

We often hear the comments, "Stand up guy", "Tell it like it is" or "What you see is what you get"! These comments epitomize District No. 5 Candidate Domenic Torchia.

In the four years since the last election Candidate Torchia has stayed the course. He did not bail out but instead he spent these years trying to keep vital county issues front and center for us all. He had continually made thought provoking statements, editorial and more in order to keep us focused at this crucial time.

Candidate Torchia has a history of commitment, involvement, transparency, tenacity, and a willingness to stand alone. He will never roll over and be a rubber stamp for sweetheart deals, the old boy network, or powerful local interests.

Domenic has consistently questioned decisions and spending related to the Law and Justice Center, Waste Management, Health Care, Education and the Elderly. He will represent and not dictate on issues affecting his constituency.

His background in health, business, government, education, finance, charity and the elderly will serve us well! Being cost effective, accountable, transparent and fiscally responsible are all vital to Candidate Torchia.

Domenic has shown his compassion continually in many ways especially having a direct involvement in raising over 21 million dollars, with every dollar funding "Cancer Research"!

Our county voters and especially District 5 residents need to know that varied vital insightful questions must be asked and discussed before crucial votes are taken on issues!

As previously stated, "What you see is what you get", District 5 and Tuolumne County need to "get" candidate Domenic Torchia!

No matter who you support, be a part of the process and vote!

Spider Cantley

Twain Harte

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