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Roundup Parade fun, entertaining

To the Editor,

I have attended the Rose Parade many times, but was impressed with the Roundup Parade on May 12, as much as I enjoyed the spectacular Rose Parade. I liked our Roundup parade just as much. Thanks to all the volunteers who made the event go so smoothly, and to Sonora Grocery Outlet for giving up their parking lot.

The entries were entertaining. My daughter-in-law, Rossina, drove a mini pink tractor for OSH and Save Mart's big shopping cart were the two that stood out for me.

The school bands were also good, especially Curtis Creek, led by Mickey Harper and drum majors Trent Simonson, Edward Suddath and Robbie Van Noord. (I am not the least bit prejudiced, lol.)

To Yoli Corsick (Gilroy) and Sandy Nizzol (Sonora) for giving me a seat and a bottle of water. What amazing and caring people we are fortunate to have in this country.

Marjorie "Marge" Jones


TCFACTS endorses four candidates

To the Editor,

TCFACTS (Following America's Constitution in Today's Society, Tuolumne County) is an organization dedicated to teaching people the facts regarding the Constitution of the United States and to ensuring that elected officials, at the local, state or federal level, are committed to preserving our Constitutional Republic form of government.

To further these goals, TCFACTS is proud to endorse four candidates on the June 5 ballot. We are satisfied these candidates are dedicated to our Constitution and the principles it embodies: Alex Aretakis, Superior Court Judge; Sherri Brennan, Supervisor, District 1; Karl D. Rodefer, Supervisor, District 5; David A. Sheppard, Sonora City Council.

David Titchenal

TCFACTS President


Let us elect our own judges

To the Editor,

An interesting fact to consider - the voters of Tuolumne County have not elected their choice for judge for over 30 years. All of the judges have been appointed by the Governor first - they may have then been voted into office as an incumbent, but not as Tuolumne County's choice first.

When you vote for an incumbent, you are often echoing the current governor's choice for a judge for our county - not necessarily the people's choice.

An important consideration in this election is whether or not an incumbent will fulfill the full term of the office - or might that person, being of retirement age, retire during the term they are elected for, thereby opening our county up for another "appointed" - not elected - judge.

My choice for Judge of the Superior Court is Gregory Oliver.

He is highly qualified, local to our county, has integrity and dedication, and brings a much-needed new, fresh perspective! And, he would be a choice made by the voters of Tuolumne County - not the Governor of California!

Paula Johansen


Political letters

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