Union Democrat staff

Vote Yes on Measure C

To the Editor,

I write in support of Measure C. I've worked at the Fairgrounds for more than 25 years and seen the ups and downs of state funding. The Mother Lode Fair had received an average of $172,000 annually from the state - representing 30 percent of the fair's budget. That funding has now been eliminated.

We weren't given sufficient time to adjust to this kind of financial shortfall, yet our board has cut staff, basic expenses and operating costs across the board.

The Fairgrounds is well used and all revenue earned at fairtime and from rentals stays here in Tuolumne County and supports the cost of operations. Our goal is to be self-sufficient but it can't happen overnight. The passage of Measure C would give the Fairgrounds time to develop a survival plan.

Measure C does not create a new tax but expands the existing TOT to campgrounds, RV parks and house boat rentals. This fee to overnight visitors benefits the community. The fairgrounds will voluntarily contribute to the new TOT at the same rate as other campgrounds.

The expansion of the TOT would allow support for Railtown and the Mother Lode Fairgrounds.

It would be a shame to see the closure of Railtown. And it's just as sad and unacceptable to lose the Fairgrounds with its 60 plus events - Rodeo, Carnival, Christmas Craft and Music Festival, Celtic Faire, Home & Garden Show, Health Fair and emergency evacuation center.

Railtown and Mother Lode Fairgrounds represent the heritage and culture of our community.

I like to trust that all good things will remain forever, but the truth is - we have to hold on to them with both hands. So, please say "Yes" to Measure C and put your arms around the Mother Lode Fair and Railtown and hold on tight.

Jan Haydn-Myer

Fair Manager

Mother Lode Fair

Proud of our

great community

To the Editor,

As I view all that is happening in our county, I am so proud to say I live in a great community.

Last week I was amazed at the hard work that so many did to get their bands, floats and walking groups ready for the Mother Lode Parade.

Then I read about all the different high school senior projects making a difference in our community, our country and even in our world.

We as members of Tuolumne County should share in the credit that makes us a great community.

Today, I once again witnessed us at our best. The Amgen Tour race allowed us to show the world that a little town can come together and make great events happen. The band playing at the courthouse, families lining the streets and friends coming together.

It is just another day in small town U.S.A., another day in Tuolumne County. Congrats to all!

Ron Hamilton


A tragic ending

To the Editor,

I read in the paper that a dog was dumped at a gas station by its owners. The pup was killed in traffic trying to get back to the people it loved and trusted to take care of it.

Of All the world's tragedies, this one made me cry.

Steve Bickford


County employee

To the Editor,

This letter is regarding your article about the employee who was arrested on suspicion of stealing county assets.

I could not believe my eyes to see that he was on a work visa from India.

Was it impossible for the county to find anyone in this country to do this well paying job? I believe they were paying this man $60,000 a year.

It really makes me mad to think how many of our country men and women are out of work and this sort of thing is happening, I'm sure all round the country.

Thank you.

Mag Bergstrom