Union Democrat staff

Vote for O'Neil

To the Editor,

As a member and president of the Promotion Club of Jamestown for five years, the only candidate for District Five Supervisor that has attended meetings before this year, been on the board of directors and worked hard in this capacity is Jim O'Neill. He worked last year and this year to create "Family Movies at Railtown," (July 5, 12, 19 and 28 at 8:30 p.m.) and coordinated the creation of the street banners, with alternating images for Railtown and Jamestown, and their being put up on the street lamps by the county.

I didn't even know he had been president years before me! He has worked to help Jamestown and all the people of Tuolumne County working as president of the Sonora Rotary (currently), and in the past as chairman of Rescue the Jamestown Jail, chairman of Leadership Tuolumne County, and chairman of Friends of the Tuolumne County Film Commission.

If I had to give him a report card, I would give him an "A+" and mark "Works well with others."

Charles Marangio


Cheney, Haliburton

To the Editor,

His successful recovery from a heart transplant has prolonged the life of Dick Cheney to the great joy of Dick Cheney, his family and his long-time supporters who cherish the memories of his achievements in the halls of power in Washington, DC.

This man avoided service for his country in Vietnam because he "had other priorities", he proclaimed. Nevertheless, he never hesitated, along with Bush II and Donald Rumsfeld, in sending thousands of young American men and women to their deaths or life-lasting physical and mental injuries, including dismemberment of limbs in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Let us not forget that he was, and still is, prospering from his investments in Halliburton stock and pension checks whilst in office and aiding and abetting it in acquiring lucrative contracts in those Wars (war profiteering?)

Quite a legacy to leave behind in his extended life of service to the mighty US dollar, isn't it?

Ray Mellana


WWII veteran

Mountain views

To the Editor,

Having a summer cabin up the hill, we head up the hill every week from May to Thanksgiving. That's a lot of drive bys past what used to be Tuolumne County's worst eyesore. Then, about 4 or 5 years ago a senior from Summerville, for his Senior Project, chose to clean up Little Sweden. What a service he performed for all of us! It was truly a pleasure to now drive by that popular winter snow play area. Remember all the debris left over from the snow fun time? In the summer, with no snow, it looked more like the north forty of the local dump area. Cleaned up, it is beautiful.

Today, we made our first trip up the mountain this year. The Little Sweden of yore is no more. The unsightly boarded up buildings have been torn down. Every single bit of the old Little Sweden is gone. Hurrah, Hurrah! In its place is a clean, pristine and amazingly beautiful mountain view.

I just want to say a big Thank You to that Summerville Senior (I'm sorry I don't know his name) and Tuolumne County for returning to us that long absent mountain view.

Janet Royer