Letters to the Editor for May 17, 2012

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Vote for O'Neil

To the Editor,

In the battle of the signs for Fifth District Supervisor, candidate Jim O'Neil wins by a landslide. His signs are a model of quiet integrity in a field of in-your-face glare and clutter. Jim O'Neil deserves to win the election, too.

Of all the candidates, he is only one who mentions listening as a skill he will bring to the job. He is the only one who aspires to the incredible leadership we've had from retiring Supervisor Dick Pland. Jim has paid close attention to Supervisor Pland's methods of getting things done in his District and over the last decade, Supervisor Pland has selected Jim O'Neil for both the Jamestown Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisor's Planning Committee.

Jim understands the economic forces that drive both Jamestown and Columbia, which is why he is well-known and appreciated by the business owners and concessionaires of those towns. The Jamestown Jail, Columbia's many celebrations of history, Railtown 1897, these heritage sites and events bring so many visitors to our County.

Jim O'Neil truly is "The Experienced Choice" and he has shown over and over that he is best steward for the treasured resources in the Fifth District.

Please take a look at his respectful signs and give him your vote.

Beetle Barbour


'Superior Donuts'

playing at Stage 3

To the Editor,

Stage 3 has done it again! Superior Donuts is an excellent play! It's not only riveting, but also a great presentation, with every character beautifully portrayed.

Surely no other repertory theater (except SRT) can pull off such a professional performance!

The aging hippie (Steve Coniglio) and his young assistant (Antwon Mason Jr.) draw you right into their lives and challenges, and you just want to hug them or grab them by the shoulders and straighten them out! Thanks to Mary Ann Curmi for directing another winner!

To all who have yet to enjoy this wonderful production, it runs only through May 27. You'll be so glad you attended!

Nancy Schwarzmann

Twain Harte

No on Measure C

To the Editor,

Measure C "extending the TOT to recreational activities like camping, house boating and RV parking" is a bad idea being sold to the public by promising that it will save Railtown and the Fairgrounds.

What happens to Railtown and the Fairgrounds if this tax falls far short of the expected amount? What happens if money from this tax doesn't start to show up until late next summer? What happens if the houseboat operator moves his boats to a lake where there is no tax? The one private houseboat operator we have here is expected to contribute almost half the money. Houseboat renters already pay the state 7.25 percent sales tax because people are renting an item of personal property. Now the county wants to call that personal property rental "lodging" and add a 10% tax on top of the sales tax.

Nobody bothered to consider the real impacts of a new tax on private recreational facilities in an area where we try to encourage recreation.

The Board of Supervisors rammed this tax measure on the ballot to fulfill the promise they made to our hotels and motels when they raised the TOT from 8 percent to 10 percent. The only way the county got lodging to go along with that 25 percent increase was to promise to stick it to campgrounds, RV parks and the houseboats at some later date. Railtown and the fairgrounds have become the perfect cover to fulfill that promise.

Don't go along with this mistake.

This bad idea needs to be voted down. Send it back to the drawing board.

Vote No on Measure C.

Joan Soma


The Union Democrat
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