Union Democrat staff

Animals are

not disposable

To the Editor,

On Thursday, May 10, I came upon an incident that truly disgusted and saddened me.

As I pulled off Highway 108 at the Jamestown C&C Mini Mart/Gas Station, I witnessed an obviously scared dog racing past my car up Victoria Way. I noticed two Animal Control officers trying desperately to locate this poor dog.

The Mini Mart employee said she and one of her customers witnessed a vehicle pull up, open the vehicle's door, toss the dog out, and drive off. She said this same person had tried to do the same thing the day before but was foiled in the attempt. This day, however, a witness wrote down the vehicle's license plate number before the vehicle pulled away.

Unfortunately this does not end happily.

This innocent dog was hit after running into traffic on Highway 108.

I witnessed the animal control people, who spent well over an hour trying to capture and save this poor dog, put its lifeless body in a black garbage bag and carry it away.

Why couldn't you have driven a few feet more and surrendered it to the Animal Shelter? This dog would have had a chance at a new and better life.

I want to thank the Tuolumne County Animal Control officers who tried so hard to capture and save this poor scared animal. I'm sorry this dog's life had to end the way it did. I want to also say how sorry I am to whoever hit this dog as it ran out into Highway 108 traffic. It was something that happened quickly and was out of your control.

Our animals are not disposable. Please prosecute this person.

Judy Hamilton

Twain Harte

Vote for Torchia

To the Editor,

It is difficult for me to read some of the enthusiastic candidate support letters being written, especially when comments are made about the current Board of Supervisors' fiscal responsibility and public accountability continuing with a said candidate.

Domenic Torchia, District 5 candidate, is the only candidate to vote for, if the public wants someone who has the courage, intelligence, and keen understanding of the tremendous impacts resulting from poor fiscal decisions made by Supervisors, without openly involving the public.

Due to multimillion dollar property purchases and commitments, over 20 county employees lost their jobs in 2010-11. This is not a savings that anyone should be proud of.

When he is elected as supervisor, Torchia will defend workers and citizens who are now experiencing the results of budgetary constraints. We pay taxes to provide services, not for roads to nowhere and infrastructure for large property owners. Vote for Domenic Torchia, a decision maker who will stop pouring your tax dollars down the drain.

Barbara Farkas