Union Democrat staff

Vote for Rodefer

To the Editor:

As a County Planning Commissioner, I attend many of the County Board of Supervisors meetings. I am always pleased to see Karl Rodefer there. Karl is a retired Air Force pilot with a great deal of experience in and out of government. I have rarely seen any of the other candidates for 5th District Supervisor at board meetings.

There are several good people running, but Karl stands out. Like many, I am sad to see Supervisor Dick Pland retire. He has been an outstanding leader in our county for many years. I know Karl will be that kind of leader going forward.

It is difficult for our county's youth to live and work here. There are not enough jobs. As a young entrepreneur, I came to Tuolumne County to raise my family. I want my sons to grow up and work right here. Karl Rodefer wants this as much as I do. He will dedicate his time as a supervisor to improving customer service and the local business environment. He will encourage growth in local industries. Karl is the candidate who can best pursue these goals and who can invest the time necessary.

Tuolumne County's economy is slowly recovering and the county is improving the way it conducts its business. Our community is beginning to realize the benefits of increased fiscal responsibility and public accountability. Karl can be counted upon not only to continue this trend but to further these reforms and seek yet more savings. That is why he will have my vote, and why I believe he deserves yours as well.

Isaac Kight


Vote for Aretakis

To the Editor:

On Oct. 22, 2009 a reporter asked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, "Where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?" She replied, "Are you serious?" "Are you serious?"

Sadly our President expresses the same contempt for our Constitution in his comment on the Warren Court. In his own words, "The Warren Court didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed there by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution."

There are other issues in which the state is gradually eroding our liberties in parental rights, religious rights and property rights even though their responsibility before God has been to protect those rights.

In our collective rebellion we have acquiesced with each unconstitutional step. As a people, we can return to honor once more the divinely inspired Constitution that has saved millions of us from religious and political tyranny. I am declaring my surrender to the Ten Commandments and the Constitution that has blessed this nation.

I am endorsing a strict Conservative Constitutionalist, Alex Aretakis for Superior Court Judge.

Jan Higgins


No on Measure C

To the Editor:

The Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) will be assessed on all private RV/Campgrounds and house boat rentals. All government owned facilities, including the RV facility at the Fairgrounds, are exemptA portion of the TOT will be given to the Fairgrounds and Railtown.These are State facilities. There appears to be no requirement for the State to continue its present level of funding to the Fairgrounds and Railtown.Thus, the State is benefiting from the TOT, a tax that is supposed to stay local.

We are pouring money into a problem and "kicking the can down the road." With all of this money going from private businesses, to the county, to the State, maybe back to the county, I see a lot of private money consumed by government. We are creating another money problem.Voting a tax on private businesses that have to compete with similar state business (exempt from the tax) sounds like a social program to me.Why do we want to attack private business to subsidize the State? How about privatizing? Vote for no more taxes!

Jim Beaty


Ring of Fire at SRT

To the Editor:

If you like Johhny Cash, don't miss the current SRT at Fallon House, Ring of Fire. It has lots of our own local talent. You will be entertained through out the entire performance with singing, dancing and lots of guitar, mandolin and a variety of other instruments. They make the two hours pass quickly and convince you they are having fun.

Please support our talented local theatre.

JoAnne Reed

Mi-Wuk Village