Union Democrat staff

Vote for Brennan

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Sherri Brennan for Supervisor District One. I worked with Sherri as a Trustee on the Tuolumne County Board of Education and I feel I know her well. As a retired educator and a former trustee on the Curtis Creek School Board, I saw in Sherri strong leadership qualities, qualities that we need in our county government. I also saw an intelligent, independent thinker, who researches issues and checks facts before making decisions. Furthermore, I saw a person who is passionate about and committed to making Tuolumne County a better place to live for all of us.

I am not a resident of District One, but I know that as a member of the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors, Sherri will add strength of character and a wealth of knowledge that will benefit all districts in the county. Sherri's got the experience and the background to serve as a County Supervisor. She will listen to her constituents and she will seek to solve all issues with fairness and integrity. Sherri will not be swayed by opinion and emotion, but will study and review all the information before making informed decisions.

Residents in District One, you are very fortunate to have Sherri Brennan as a candidate for Supervisor. Sherri will work diligently for you and for your district. I urge all of you to vote for Sherri Brennan on June 5th.

Lenore Shively


Vote for Torchia

To the Editor:

Many seniors in our community exist on a fixed income. We are concerned about quality health care and the decisions we must sometimes make. Should we pay the bills or should we re-fill a prescription?

Domenic Torchia has proven to be an advocate with a demonstrated commitment to the needs of the elderly. He will work tirelessly to improve health care opportunities for our aging population.

Vote Domenic Torchia - Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors.

Vivian McCarthy

Twain Harte

Gold dredging issues

To the Editor:

I would hope that gold dredgers are smart enough to realize that they are unlikely to end up with many of the 1,500 rationed permits. As in similar situations, in Alaska, Montana and other states, the tree huggers and/or extreme environmentalists will flood the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) with applications and we will be lucky to get any of those. Good luck with "special permits." I was turned down because "If we give one to you then we'll have to give them to everyone."

Even now there are alleged "hobby" and "recreational" dredgers who reportedly speak for us, with the DFG and are nothing more than eco activists, claiming that some gold dredgers would/do support a 50-mile ban on dredging around Yosemite Park, which would include the Sonora area. Fraud and lies aside, to them the end justifies the means, and anyone who would believe such a thing would be stupid, stupid, stupid.

Keith Walker


Vote for Segerstrom

To the Editor:

I have known Judge Segerstrom professionally for the past 19 years and have found him to be honest, forthright and brilliant when it comes to understanding and applying the law. When you mail your ballot or vote on election day, I encourage you to vote for Judge Donald Segerstrom. He is the more experienced and qualified candidate with a long commitment to our County. His 30 years in the legal profession have prepared him in all areas of civil and criminal law. As our elected District Attorney over the last 11 years Judge Segerstrom has proven that he is fair but firm, and will apply the law impartially. Judge Segerstrom's out of town opponent Alex Aretakis has less civil experience and no criminal or prosecution experience.

In that Mr. Aretakis lives out of town, he has based his campaign on the fact that he does not know anybody and would not have any conflicts. Not sure why this non-issue is his main campaign focus because this has never been a problem for our courts with other Judges who have lived and worked for a long time in our County.

Surely Mr. Aretakis must know that of the over 5,000 cases that were filed in the Tuolumne County courts last year only 31 cases were reassigned (only .6 percent). There is no basis for this argument so let's stop trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Judge Segerstrom's strong commitment to Tuolumne County and knowledge of our local issues are the best way to deal with crime, drugs and state prisoners being diverted to our local prisons.

Vote Judge Donald Segerstrom for Superior Court.

Peggy A. Mosley