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Support Segerstrom for Superior Court Judge

To the Editor:

On writing about the upcoming judicial election Ms. Fuller missed an important part of the adage she quoted. Most often "Good old boy" is the term used to imply someone is part of the system designed to benefit the status quo. I'm not a long-time resident of Tuolumne County but I know Judge Segerstrom. He is definitely not a "boy" and, though his hair is shot with grey, he is not "old" by any standard. But he definitely is a good person with a good foundation in the law and an excellent choice for the bench.

If being part of a community for multi-generations is a reason to find fault with a judge then our nation's history is rife with such fault. Judges are commonly persons with long-term experience in the communities they serve. Our local court has experience assigning the case-load among judges that have been prosecutors or otherwise have potential conflicts-of-interest. There is no record of our court having more problems in this area than any other court. Further, any judge will quickly become familiar with potential litigants simply by doing their job and living in the county. Such familiarity is inevitable when working in a country that has a small population.

It is true, judges are well paid and a community needs to receive "best value" for the investment. I believe electing a judge that has extensive knowledge of the county's values and unique character coupled with years of criminal experience as both a defense attorney and a prosecutor help to guaranty value. Judge Segerstrom has given much to this county and wants to give more. His lifelong connection to this area, his knowledge of its individuality and his experience as District Attorney are among the many reasons he will be an exceptional judge. Donald Segerstrom has my vote for Superior Court Judge. In part, because he has deep roots. I trust his knowledge of the law. I know he loves and understands Tuolumne County.

Carol Shepherd

Twain Harte

Teens engaged on issues

To the Editor:

Re: Patricia L. DuFur letter of April 4. (Voting Responsibly).

I was interested and also a bit upset. I am wondering who Patricia talked to and when she talked to them.

Keith Dale Vann VFW Post 748 offers a scholarship to Summerville High graduates. For the last three years the topic has been "The Importance of Voting". It is also the topic this year. As one of the judges that select the winner, I can say without any reservations I am surprised and amazed at how well these students are up on all the latest issues, candidates qualifications and commitments. I am a retired teacher (30 years in all) so I have read the good, the bad and the ugly of essays. I am sure if you could read some of the essays that I have you would agree with me.

I have 100 percent confidence that most of the young students of Summerville and Sonora High Schools are as ready as the teens of the past. (I can't include myself as I quit school in the 9th grade and joined the Navy in World War II.) I hope this will help to ease your fears and restore your confidence in young people.

Bill Nabers