Union Democrat staff

Jamestown Branch Jail

To the Editor:

The day after my interview with The Union Democrat, I opened the Jamestown Branch Jail for a third grade class from Jamestown Elementary School. The time spent with the sixteen students, teacher and two chaperones was a true delight. Questions were asked and answered by the students with great enthusiasm and an interest in the history of the jail. I was impressed when many of the students signed the log book in cursive! These students were well behaved and respectful which gives one hope for the future. The sixteen thank you cards from the students were a nice touch of decorum and I will cherish them.

This is an experience that I wanted to share. E.C. "Sonny" Ellefsen, Constable Jamestown, sends a big thank you to Mrs. Cazares's third grade class for a wonderful visit. My hope is that you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Mrs. Sunderland, thank you for asking me to do this.

Ed Ellefsen


Too much violence on TV

To the Editor:

What major event happened in the United States between 1956 and 2012? The answer, television! Television has been made affordable and readily available to every American household. What happened to television between then and now? The portrayal of "family" disappeared and has been replaced with everyday violence. When I was in my teens (1951 – 1956) a child killing someone was unheard of. Today it is an everyday occurrence. Today's children grow up observing and absorbing killing as if it were normal. It is not normal, and we parents are the ones to fix it. If we all removed the TV from the home (or monitored it to the extreme) in another 50 years we can have returned to some normalcy. Do I have a TV, yes, however I was fortunate to have grown up without it.

Laurel Utecht


Cleaning TUD's ditches

To the Editor:

It was interesting to read that the Tuolumne Utilities District was using prison labor to clean the ditches. It is laudable that the TUD is trying to save money for the ratepayers. However the unemployment rate could be reduced a bit by hiring unemployed residents. It seems the TUD owes loyalty to local workers not folks in prison. Hiring locally might let someone without income get enough to pay their water and sewer bill. It is time to get more people working!

Jon M Sturtevant