Union Democrat staff

Retherford, TUD

To the Editor: 

The public and TUD has lost the best board member they ever had. Dr. Retherford cares about cost, and he is right to question paying employees for two pensions. No private company would pay into two pension plans and most public companies don't either. It seems this Board solves problems by raising rates when they need money. Dr. Retherford is trying to raise awareness with his protest and resignation. The whole TUD board should be asking the same questions.

Their response in The Union Democrat article seemed flimsy at best. What really amazed me is that they want to give the General Manager, Pete Kampa, a new five-year contract.This is crazy! Where are his incentives to save money for the District? Where is his goal to perform for the District? How many people in Tuolumne County make nearly $150,000 a year? Your rate increases will pay for this. Mr. Kampa should have a one-year contract to show he can make the drastic cuts needed.

I hope Dr. Retherford will reconsider and run for the Board again. Tuolumne County needs people like him to monitor costs and save our money.

Judy Spisak

Twain Harte

Doonesbury's left-wing agenda

To the Editor:

Why? And again I ask the The Union Democrat, why does The Democrat and other liberal publications print Doonesbury in the comic section?

Doonesbury does nothing other than promote the left-wing agenda while ridiculing any other political view or related representative.

If you must print this left-wing propaganda, then print it in the opinion page, but do not insult our intelligence by offering it as humor!

Charles Pesha


Doonesbury comic is news

To the Editor:

I am ashamed for you. You buckled under to the religious fanatics and took the Doonesbury comic strip out of your newspaper for two days. It is news and you are supposed to be a newspaper. You should have at least run it on your opinion page. The illegality, immorality and indecency of the Texas law deserves to be pointed out in anyway possible.

David Morgan