Union Democrat staff

Rep. Dan Lungren

and Hetch Hetchy

To the Editor:

In response to Lungren damns Hetch Hetchy article in The Union Democrat on Feb. 24.

My question is, does Dan Lungren or the group called Restore Hetch Hetchy, really believe that Hetch Hetchy Valley could ever be restored as it was?

Trees will take 60 to 100 years to reach their maturity, and 200 years to reach grandeur. Shrubs, grasses and flowers will not take as long. All the sediment that has washed down into the valley from the canyon walls would have to be removed and put back on the canyon walls to support any vegetation that may grow there.

But one thing that cannot be restored would be the stark ring of the former lakes water level.

The first wagon trains over Sonora Pass in 1853-1854, lowered the water level of Fremont Lake by 3 to 4 feet for passage, and to this day, after 159 years it still has the distinct mark of the original water level (Ref. Hoofs and Wheels the Sonora Pass Legacy and the Walker River-Sonora Crossing).

Does anybody really want to visit this bleak valley of Hetch Hetchy, void of any vegetation on the walls of the canyon, and look at the evidence of what was once a beautiful lake?

I think some of our elected representatives have very poor foresight in their thinking. All they can think of is how to spend their taxpayers' money on study after study. If they would visualize the actual outcome, and get some unbiased input from other sources, then maybe instead of the government being trillions of dollars in debt, we could have a balance between actual income and spending.

It is obvious that Dan Lungren cannot make a rational decision without spending money, instead of using his brain and not of his memories.

You cannot recover the past.

Bob Hargrove


Rush Limbaugh

To the Editor:

El Rushbo's big mouth has fouled the airwaves again. Has he no shame? His doting parents and dittoheads must be right proud of their boy. Thank God, or the gods of one's choice, that he and his three (or more?) wives have not produced any offspring bearing his genes.

A reminder: One of George "Dubya" Bush's unmentioned "Decisions" in his autobiography was to allow El Rushbo to spend a night in Lincoln's bedroom in the White House, his occupancy thereof soiling it forevermore.

Let's hear from the dittoheads in his defense, if they dare to do so. His "apology" is not acceptable by me and millions of others in our nation.

Ray Mellana


Lungren, Denham

To the Editor:

Re. Ca. House Representatives, Denham, Issa and Lungren

I'm wondering just who these three are representing in California? First this guy, Issa, holds a panel on contraception with Lungren. Refuses to have a woman on the panel and stacks it with religious men. The second day he has a couple of right-wing women to cover the fiasco from the day before. Remember Issa is a 1 percenter.

Now we have Lungren wanting to tear down one of the finest water distribution systems in the country if not the world. Why? I'll tell you why. He wants to shift this water to his large corporate donors in the valley. The west valley where they grow cotton. Now here comes Denham with a plan to destroy the delta water system that has take years to protect the San Francisco Bay along with the delta ecosystem. At least he admits where he wants the water to go. The west side.

After all is said and done, the total net wealth from the West Side is around $40 million. Take away government subsidies and it's almost nothing.

If we who live in the Sierra foothills want to save our water, we need to oust these right wing 1 percenters and big corporate cronies. While we're at it, let's get rid of these tea partiers who can't accomplish anything except attack women's rights and sign contracts with the likes of Grover Norquist.

Jim Hassay