Union Democrat staff

Concern, caring for our Veterans

To the Editor: 

I write this letter with a deep heart and wrenching concern about our returning veterans. I want everyone to understand their lives have been changed, forever! They will never be the same again. Life has a far different meaning than it used to. Defending our freedom, they may have had to take another life. We weren't taught it was alright to take another person's life. Even in a life and death situation. Watching fellow soldiers blown up is a nightmare - one they will see over and over for the rest of their lives.

War is ugly. Please realize they are under deep pain. Some act out, some suffer in deep silence. Be there if they need you. Be compassionate. Put yourself in their shoes. Let go if they choose to be alone. Like me, few of us will never be able to understand. There is no magic approach to their care.

The Veterans Administration has a support system to aide them. You can contact the Sonora Veterans health care system. I know because I have lived with a Vietnam veteran for 47 years. The man that returned from that war wasn't the man I married. You can read our painful story in the Vietnam Veterans Magazine in the September/October 2011, page 32 or online at www.vva.org/veteran.html.) Look for Publications. The whole magazine for that month is on PTSD. It may help you understand what it all means.

Rosemary J. Sweatt


GOP presidential candidates

To the Editor:

I do not know who said this: Cast not the first stone, least ye be judged, or a man should only be judged by the integrity, in what he says, about him self and those around him, it is the full measure of the man that he be so judged.

It is sad to say that in today's world with instant access to almost every thing, right at every ones finger tips some people still think that they can say anything about any one, and still get away with it, case in point the present crop of GOP hopefuls. They will say whatever you want to hear, make up stuff that even, the likes of people such as Lewis Carroll, Steven King, Gene Roddenberry wouldn't be able to come up with. Do they not hear themselves, are there not people around them, to help keep them in the real world, or are they so fully insulated that they themselves have no real concept of what they spew out as the truth?

I fully realize that once you know real power, that it is like the most powerful drug known, and once you have it you crave it all of the time, and once you lose it, you will do and or say anything to get it back.

All of which brings me to what is trying to pass as the GOP presidential hopefuls, and what a bunch of fools they are, racing down the rabbit hole, chasing the rabbit, only to have Tweedledee and Tweedledum and the Mad Hatter there to tell you that you don't want Alice in the White House anymore because if she stays there any longer, we'll all lose our heads.

As I said, who's truth do you want to believe The Three Stooges and Shemp, or should we go ask Alice because I think she knows.

Larry Rabin


Showing a lack of compassion

To The Editor:

We live in an economic state where many of us have no job security, and our community must come together in helping each other out. I recently received a threatening letter from a local physician's office.

Our daughter now qualifies for Medi-Cal but the office was not a provider. Rather than trying to work out a way to pay our invoice, they sent us a demand to pay within five days. Knowing we were having serious financial problems, the letter was sent in complete spite. Our bill was only received two business days prior to the threatening letter. It is sad and disheartening that in a small close-knit community, a doctor's office can only think of collecting about $100. They told us our bill would be sent in five days to a collection agency with another $50 tacked on.

We are hard working citizens new to the Medi-Cal system after losing our health insurance. We did not ask to forgive the bill but to have some heart. Thank you for reading.

Charong Chow