Union Democrat staff

Hetch Hetchy and

AB32 initiatives

To the Editor:

It's sad to see so much fuss over issues that ignore our collective environmental responsibilities as thinking citizens. Ask how much tax revenue we can fritter away on existing infrastructures functioning perfectly, as intended ... like a beautiful reservoir. Restore our roads, reform prisons and schools, tax and control all medical marijuana, re-examine pension abuse, stop unfair and frivolous ag subsidies, adopt a flat tax, drug test all welfare recipients, retrofit (seismic) shoddy infrastructures, stop all unfunded mandates and expire all the current ones, undo all the globalist rot mandated by President Bush Senior ... and onward ho!

Many concerned CA natives are proud of AB32, the clean air initiative, but haven't deduced how it will bankrupt CA with lost revenue. With what occurs globally, AB32 is sublime scientific idiocy, utterly incapable of "'cleaning" our air. Specious, addled science, along with arrogant politicians, has allowed the draconian AB32 to become law. Enforce this law (another unenforcable mandate/law) and listen to the giant flushing sound.

To "restore" infrastructure created when gas (ancient sunlight) was 12 cents a gallon (HH Dam), using gas fast approaching 5 bucks a gallon, seems like a goose chase to me.

Dave Maloney


Arts education

in the schools 

To the Editor:

For those of you who were among the 300 people who attended the opening of the Central Sierra Arts Council's "Celebration of Arts in the Schools" exhibition; to view the art, listen to student musicians and vocalists, hear the three Poetry Out Loud county finalists recitations, you were fortunate indeed! For those of you who weren't so fortunate - the lucky news is that the exhibition runs through mid-April.

Louise McPeeters and Wanda Dorner (arts education directors) spent months preparing student works comprised of 150 pieces of visual, fabric, ceramic, and sculptural art gathered from participating local schools.The preceeding several months have seen students and teachers hard at work in preparation for this annual event.

"A.I.S." is a 35-year program administrated by the Central Sierra Arts Council with some funding help from the California Arts Council. One often hears about what is "wrong" with our students and school systems, if you would like to see what is "right" about them, then I would invite you to come in to see for yourself!

The local artists that serve as inspirational teachers in this program deserve your thanks, praise and recognition. Our local and state government officials need to hear your voices! In this age of ever shrinking Arts and Humanities program cuts and eliminations, it is your voice(s) that will make the difference for the next generations!

When asked "what does the Arts Council do?"- I most often say - "Arts education in our schools - it's what we do, who we are, and one of the things we do best!"

Connie O'Connor

Executive Director, CSAC


Presidents and

American history 

To the Editor: 

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney tells us that he is the candidate to turn the economy around because he is the only candidate who has experience as a successful business executive, and he understands how the economy works and how to fix it.

History is a great teacher and some historical research tells us that the last President with highly successful business experience was Herbert Hoover. Hoover took office on March 4, 1929.

Seven months later, on Oct. 29, 1929, the U.S. experienced Black Tuesday, the day that the stock market crashed by 12 percent leading to the Great Depression, from which the U.S. only began to recover with the ascendancy of FDR to the presidency in March 1933.

Hoover's business experience did no good between 1929 and 1933. Romney's prior experience as a take-over and layoff artist would do us no good between 2013 and 2017.

Conservative columnist David Brooks recently wrote that two of the characteristics that make a good president are emotional stability (with George Washington and FDR being examples), and superb political judgment (with LBJ and Reagan being examples). Romney appears to have little of either.

Jerry Cadagan