Union Democrat staff

Health benefits

To the Editor:

I recently received a flier for retirees from the Retail Clerks Union stating that Safeway wants to eliminate health benefits for retirees in their new contract. The Union is asking for help to walk picket lines, go door-to-door, and/or make phone calls.

I will gladly help if a couple of my conditions are met: 1) That I see that today's employees are willing to fight for the wages and benefits that they deserve, and 2) that union officials are voted back into office again rather than appointed by their Dad.

Walter Bales


Wild goose chase

To the Editor:

I want to thank Deputy District Attorney John Hansen for keeping our community safe by arresting and bringing to trial the "dangerous" Harold Plummer. Evidence clearly showed that Plummer was inept at incarcerating that goose, because the Canada kept showing up in the park and on the baseball field. If Hansen had found a chain used to shackle the goose to a steel stake he would have had a stronger case.

And the whistle blower in this case certainly was doing her part as a concerned citizen, expressing concern for the bird's safety.

That goose could have slipped and fallen into the children's swimming pool! Residents testified that the goose liked to be around people, but the whistle blower knew what was best for it - very much like some politicians who profess to know how we should run our lives.

I think the Fish and Game authorities should file charges against that goose. Is it legal for a goose to adopt humans? And shouldn't the goose be arrested for trespassing on the baseball field? I think the baseball commissioner should get involved.

If it were not for the seriously overcrowded prisons, that goose should be locked up in the county jail.

Initially the Rose Wolf Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center was asked to help, but declined because the goose was not dying and could move. So where is the goose now? What we have here is an example of supreme lunacy.

Feeling safer in Sonora.

Martin E. Nedom