Union Democrat staff

Garcia benefit

To the Editor:

There was a benefit on 2-18-12 at the Tuolumne Veterans Hall that was put on by a group of guys called the Deathtraps Motorcycle Club. This was for their friends 2 1/2 year old daughter Ruby June Garcia who is going to soon have some major brain surgery to try to stop seizures caused by a stroke that she had.

I was so impressed how well this benefit came together. And it was a huge success.

The bands were awesome, the food was great and the deathtrap guys couldn't have done any better. They rounded up some great auction and raffle items and the community was very generous in their donations.

I was amazed and touched by how many people came out to show their love and support for this little girl and to help her family.

You can see her story on myrubyjune.blogspot.com or the deathtrapsmc.blogspot.com This group of guys and the community made this a fantastic and successful benefit. Hugs to all Thank You Ruby's "Mimi" Connie Garcia


Hiking trails 

To the Editor:

I am compelled to write this letter and divulge one of Tuolumne County's best kept secrets, and that is the many recreational walking trails all over this county. My compulsion to write comes from the results of my last six-month physical I had a few weeks ago. The results showed I'm down fifteen pounds, my BP is normal, my cholesterol is down to 155 (shooting for 125), and, best of all, I am no longer pre-diabetic (though I must still guard against that).

I attribute this very successful physical to my taking advantage of so many of the recreational trails provided by our county. Back in November, I started taking short walks of twenty to thirty minutes along some of these trails, which slowly increased and are now are one hour to an hour and a half little jaunts. No running, just walking, sometimes quite brisk. I've been doing this at least four times a week. There are other benefits than a successful physicals. I sleep better and through the night. I eat less. If I can put this delicately, my digestive system works as it should.

I encourage all my fellow Tuolumne County residents to take full advantage of our tax dollars at work. With the unseasonably good weather and lower temperatures of this time of the year, it's a perfect opportunity to get yourself out to get in shape before the summer temps get discouraging. I believe it's more than a recreational choice, it's a public health issue. Oh, yeah, my doctor says my next physical will be in a year instead of the usual six months. Kudos to the county's Recreation Department and to the many maintenance guys and gals I've seen working diligently keeping these trails in peak shape.

Mark W. Leyva



To the Editor:

In response to the article titled "AB109 Deception."

I clearly understand the State of California has burdened the counties within California of supervising convicted felons. The work of Gov. Jerry Brown is severely flawed. The article contained several statements that are debateable, specifically; "The Probation Department is better equipped to deal with parolees than a Parole Officer from Modesto". Tuolumne County is fortunate to have three parole officers with an unwavering commitment to public service and safety. These parole officers share combined caseloads of approximately 100 parolees. Parole officers, and other parole officers not even assigned to this area, are often found working side-by-side and supplementing manpower deficiencies in local law enforcement units. Parolees are often suspects in freshly committed crimes. Parolees sought by local law enforcement can count on 24 -hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year assistance of parole officers. In addition to their caseloads and supplementing local law enforcement, parole officers form specialty units whose primary function is apprehending re-offending and absconding felons. No one has more information on the behaviors and patterns of a parolee than a parole officer. Parole officers have assisted in numerous investigations and have actually identified suspects based on a tattoo or a particular behavior.

Tuolumne County is a safer community as a result of the efforts of parole officers who are committed to helping local law enforcement and the community. A parole officer may report to a Modesto-based office from time to time, but that same parole officer may have grown up in this community and may be your next door neighbor. Craig Davis


Sgt. Craig Davis is the Narcotics Team Commander for the Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office.