Union Democrat staff

A question of

priorities, ethics

To the Editor:

In response to comments by Mr. Birks on Feb. 20. Sir, how dare you fault The Union Democrat for not waging a personal vendetta against pot holes and tax dollars, instead of exposing the moral and illegal activities of our local educators? Oh, wait! Of course, the current trend is to blame the media for all that's wrong with this country, I forgot!

And who are your heros? Is it Bush, whose bogus wars cost trillions of dollars, and thousands of lives? Is it the guy whose tax cuts for the 1 percent, and for U.S. corporations overseas have driven our country to the brink of financial collapse? Oh, wait, maybe your heros are local. Maybe the son who had sex with a minor in his classroom who abused his position as an educator, broke the law, and displayed the morals of a despot.

Perhaps your hero is the senior despot, the scoundrel's father, who not only abused his position of power, but displayed little regard for the safety of the very children he is paid handsomely to educate, and protect.

For shame Mr. Birks! Where are your priorities? Pot hole and tax dollars over what is morally and ethically right? Wrong! Read the mission statement of the The Union Democrat.

Mollie Taylor


AB 109 detrimental to public safety

To the Editor: 

AB 109 is detrimental to Public Safety. As Law Enforcement Professionals, now more than ever, we should be united to protect the communities in which we live. Dan Hawks' comments however, prove that it has only divided those who protect and serve. My question to Mr. Hawks is that if Probation is "better equipped", how did these criminals wind up on Parole in the first place? I'll tell you how. Probation failed, just as AB109 is destined to fail.

Amy Bauer


Former Tuolumne resident

Calaveras High sports reporting

To the Editor: 

The sports reporting for Calaveras is outstanding! Our point guard, Nikki, made front page of The Union Democrat's sports section. I just love it, and the articles about our girls basketball team are always awesome! And the boys team as well! The articles written always have so much flair, character, and emotion. I just wanted to say a great big thanks from all of us on the other side of the hill.

Gina Ruhl

Mokelumne Hill