Union Democrat staff

AB 109 response

To the Editor:

The AB 109 article that ran on Friday's front page was interesting to read. I have been a state parole agent in Tuolumne County since July 2001. Dan Hawks commented that they are better equipped to deal with the parolees than a parole agent from Modesto. I beg to differ. There have been many times your agency has called me and other parole agents for assistance. How dare you brag this way.

Have you ever been woken up in the dead of the night to help an officer? I have been available to Tuolumne County at any given day or time. I have been woken up at all hours of the night to assist in major crimes that occur in this county and responded to assist. There have been many other dedicated parole agents who have served and still serve this county. We can not help that our office is in Modesto. By the way, did I just train your agency to use our computer system?

Your comment is an insult to the men and women who serve as parole agents through out the state of California.I have worked the streets of Los Angeles County, San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County. This included gang members and sex offenders of the worst kind. Where did you put your time in?

Bernie Roberts


Sgt. Bobby Rapp

To the Editor:

When Sgt. Robert T. "Bobby" Rapp was killed in Afghanistan he left money in his will for the Sonora High Cross Country team. We used the money to purchase a beautiful team tent. To memorialize Bobby, we purchased an 82nd Airborne flag and had it personalized with a brief tribute to the two time all Valley Oak League Cross Country runner. When the tent goes up the flag flies for all to see.

After two years the flag was getting soiled so I took it into Kathy's Miracle Cleaners in The Junction shopping center. When I went pick up the flag they refused to accept payment. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful people doing business in our community. I thank Kathy's on behalf of my team and myself.

Glenn Bass


Pendley, Columbia

To the Editor:

I take no pleasure in pounding on the Columbia Unified School District Board of Trustees and Superintendent John Pendley over their betrayal of the public's trust over the Columbia School sex scandal. So I will give you just one glaring example of why Pendley and the board, with the exception of Trustee Jeff Tolhurst, should be replaced.

John Pendley had the audacity to engineer a smear campaign by asking school staff to write letters to the court to shift blame on Jane Doe over her sexual encounters with his son, Brennan Pendley, former after-school teacher's aide, in a Columbia School classroom. It is a disgrace that John Pendley hasn't manned up and voluntarily resigned.

Brennan Pendley's father, John, asked me to write this letter regarding Jane Doe, said Columbia School teacher Pam Kubasek in a letter to Superior Court Judge James Boscoe, then proceeds to drag her name through the mud, according to court records. School counselor Tina Cruz and teacher Daniel Doane wrote similar letters to the court, citing Jane Doe's so-called promiscuity in efforts to soften Brennan's punishment. Cruz said John Pendley also asked her to write her letter. Doane said he acted on his own accord. In his letter, Doane noted Jane Doe's troubled background, adding that she tried to lure him into sexual encounters. He's a mandated reporter. Why didn't Kubasek, Cruz and Doane do their mandated duty and report this?

It's commonly known sexually acting out is a symptom of dysfunction in the home. She should not be condemned for this.

Robert Dorroh