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Schools, politics, religion 

To the Editor:

Four things I'd like to talk about are schools, politics, religion and drugs.

Schools: Bring back shop classes. Not everyone is going to go to college, so we need to train for our future blue collar workers in shop classes. Kids have to learn to read, do math, use a ruler, and know the history of what they are doing.

Politics: Democrat, Republican, Independent or what have you - I'd vote for you if you could come up with some real workable solutions up front of all of your political rhetoric and share them with us so we could know what your real plans entail. If you should lose, and don't refuse to share them to hurt the other side, we all are the other side; we all lose.

Religion: Don't force your religious beliefs down our throats. You have them, fine! Now keep them to yourself, but mostly keep them out of government. Just because your beliefs govern how you see the world doesn't mean that's how I view the world, and as you would like to be respected for what you believe in, so would I.

Drugs: Lets just all grow up, and stop lying about the horrors of pot.

Larry Rabin


Master Gardener column

To the Editor:

Thank you for the informative article by local Master Gardener Vera Strader about the importance of oak woodlands in our Sierra foothills. She wrote, "More than 300 species of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals depend on oak woodlands... a complex environment not easily duplicated due to the trees' slow growth (mature trees may be more than 1,500 years old)." As Ms. Strader asks, "Can you imagine the Mother Lode without sprawling old oaks and their bountiful wildlife?" The recent clearcutting of hundreds of native oaks to make way for the next extension of the highway 108 bypass raises questions about our willingness to understand and respect our oak woodlands. Are we doing all we can to protect the native oaks that make the foothills so special for animals and people?

Genevieve Ceraban

Crystal Falls