Union Democrat staff

Actions have consequences

To the Editor:

I am beginning to think all the criticisms of us liberals being too soft on different groups of people may have a point. Why? Because people don't seem to realize everything we do has consequences. They seem to be in the majority and I don't know how to solve this problem.

Too many older people in our county are raising grandchildren because their own children (the parent(s)) are drug users or in jail, or unfit, so grandparents have to step in and help. School is so boring and all I think of is sex and fun so I'll drop out and do what I want. It's OK to drink and drink because I'm different. I have to have this electronic device so I don't care if it's made by poverty-stricken workers in some other country: I have to have it!

I stayed up late last night and overslept today and now I'm late so it's OK to drive too fast and recklessly to get where I'm going. I'm in a hurry. It's OK that I'm rude in the store to customers and clerks because my life is so busy. I don't believe in (take your pick) global warming, love between same sex people, use of birth control pills, vaccines, so I won't let the subject come up in textbooks, classrooms, etc., and I will make sure I tell the teacher-principal-school administrator in no uncertain terms that my opinion means no one will hear about this subject!

Therese Van Tuyl