Union Democrat staff

Meth epidemic

To the Editor:

Frontline and The Oregonian originally aired "The Meth Epidemic" on Feb. 14, 2006. I consciously chose not to watch because I know firsthand the destruction caused by meth use, and what it can do to loved ones. I'll bet you do too. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/meth/

The program was heart wrenching, real and informative. The reporter tracked the rise and fall of meth use, and the cost of this epidemic. Meth use has spread across the world, and our nation. Until and unless we get control of this situation future generations are going to be lost. The bad news, this could've been stopped in the mid-80s. The good news, legislation has passed in two states putting pseudoephedrine behind the counter. Many other states, including California, have bills pending to remove over-the-counter availability. Sadly, too many states are doing nothing, or approving legislation that continues to allow OTC access to pseudoephedrine.

Don't allow the pharmaceutical companies to make a profit off of the hides of 26 million addicts worldwide. OTC convenience of cold medications is not justification, because of the collateral damage due to the availability of the main component. Loss of profits for the pharmaceutical companies is no reason to oppose a change. This is a prime example where special interests should be about what's best for those that are most affected.

Please write, call, and email your local Senators and Representatives about CA Bill 315. If they were doing the job they should be, this legislation would be passed unanimously, nationwide.

To the lawyers and the "special interest"? mouthpieces, give me one good reason why not? You can't, can you?

Judy Jennings