Union Democrat staff

Calaveras County and AB109

To the Editor:

I am a Calaveras County resident, property owner and taxpayer concerned with how the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors is handling the implementation of AB109, the early release and return to the county of certain prison inmates.

In 2011, the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors gave the County Probation department the authority to develop a plan to handle the soon to be released state prison inmates returning to our county. A committee was formed, consisting of the Sheriff, DA, Angels Camp Chief of Police, a Superior Court Judge, the head of the Probation Department, Chief Public Defender and the Behavioral Health Services Director. Noticeably missing are any members of the public. Where is the representation for victims of both crimes against the person and/or property? An issue of this magnitude has the potential to affect numerous citizens. The solution does not solely belong to this committee or the creation of a day reporting center.

The release of these inmates will present an added cost to the D.A.'s office, the Sheriff's Dept., Angels Camp PD and the Probation Dept.

The deeper concern is the absence of victim representation on this panel and I believe each and every citizen of Calaveras County deserves an answer to this question.

Oliver Bernasconi


Columbia Elementary

To the Editor:

The late Joe Paterno was an admired, beloved icon to the people of Penn State, but when the sexual abuse scandal case broke look what happened to him. Yet at Columbia School the "Great OZ" - I mean John Pendley - is still there. You also have a school counselor who talks about private matters openly but will not talk to the newspaper. You have a male teacher who says "Jane Doe" came on to him but he failed to file a mandated report that the law requires him to do. Then there is the last Board President that tried to sweep this under the rug. Do you feel no shame at all? You and all those other Pendley Kool-Aid drinkers that wrote letters saying what a great son Brennan Pendley is - ask yourself this one question: When he gets out of jail would you let him babysit your teenage daughter at home alone? Well you all know the answer to that. Then you also know that John Pendley should be fired from Columbia School just like Joe Paterno was at Penn State.

Thomas Turner