Union Democrat staff

Dream Act issue

To the Editor:

I feel that I must respond to Kim Malavey's recent letter. This surely seems to be more "pie in the sky, by and by"!

You say that these children of Illegals had no say in being here. How many children (citizens) born here and to parents in the poverty level had any say to being here?

You indicate that we are spending millions of dollars to educate these "illegals," and one in thousands makes it. That is where the "Dream Act" becomes a"nightmare." Believe me, that 'one in thousands' will find the funding to succeed! If, that is, he truly is one in thousands.

What is wrong with what I had to do to get my education. My parents were not in the upper levels of financial security, nor was I able to supply my children with a paid education when their time came. What did we do …? We went to work! I worked at a job 48 hours a week and carried 18 units per semester so that I could afford to go to college, and these were not "bead stringing and basket weaving courses."

You think tuition is expensive now, just wait for the costs kick in to "provide" for the "one in thousands."

Face it! This nation is in economic trouble now and taking on the care and feeding of the rest of the world is not going to solve that problem.

What part of "illegal" do you not understand?

Jim Dresbach

Cedar Ridge