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Speed Internet

To the Editor:

I'm writing to stress how important I feel high-speed Internet is to the economic prosperity of Tuolumne County. I'm a telecommuter who works for a Silicon Valley company developing leading-edge cryptographic software, having moved to the county over 10 years ago. Our family loves living here, although getting a decent Internet connection has always been a problem. Unable to get DSL at my home, I've tried various options and for the past few years have struggled along using a local service provider. With the recent roll-out of Comcast's new cable services, however, things have improved dramatically.

I encountered a few delays in getting the service installed and am now just one more of Comcast's millions of customers, so I have to deal with a large, non-local vendor. On the other hand, I'm able to take advantage of Internet speeds that are significantly faster than those previously available, at a lower monthly cost, and without artificial limits on traffic or excessive and prohibitive charges for overages.

For the first time since moving to Sonora I'm now able to realize the full potential of the Internet, including online backups and storage, video conferencing, free domestic and international calling, streaming of radio and TV channels from around the world, and even full-length movies. Finally! I have services that are comparable with those long enjoyed by my colleagues in the Bay Area, options which enable businesses and individuals in more rural areas of our county to take full advantage of the economic and social benefits of the digital revolution.

Stuart Hince



at Columbia

To the Editor:

Dateline, Penn State: Within days of the disclosure of a sex scandal involving a former assistant football coach, nationally known head coach Joe Paterno was fired. School President Graham Spanier was forced to resign. School Vice President Gary Schultz resigned.

Meanwhile, back at Columbia Elementary School a year and a half later, the new board president lashes out at the public whilst the superintendent watches from nearby looking like a deer caught in the headlights and staff members continue to attempt to justify their malfeasance.

SC Whitney