Union Democrat staff

The distribution of stuff

To the Editor:

Regarding the letters on Dec. 16. The first letter by Stephen Kistner is spot on, razor-edged sarcasm that can illuminate many people's confusion about our worthless, trillion dollar adventure in Iraq, while Ray Anderson's letter below can only be described as scary in its simplicity. Amusingly written, but not as clever as Kistner's, it can only be rebutted in the same style. The people needing free stuff are the same one's who die fighting for the rights of people who don't need more stuff to have all the stuff they need and more. When it comes to having so much stuff that everyone else must have very little stuff you should at least earn the stuff. The top 1 percent with 90 percent of the stuff claim to be three times smarter and hard working than the same people 30 years ago and so deserve 10 times more stuff than those lesser stuff collectors. Not so. Stuff is not being distributed fairly anymore regardless of how smart or hard working you are.

William Bergmann


Response to 'storm lessons'

To the Editor:

In response to "First Storm Lessons Learned," it's really too bad that our community has neighbors that can't take responsibility for their own actions when they ask for advice and it doesn't work out.

All we can do is give our opinion, once that opinion is given its up to the individual asking to make the right decision and judgments. It is expressed time and time again on news broadcasts, in newspaper articles, and on the Internet to do the correct leg work. It's not up to the individual giving said opinion to do the necessary leg work, such as checking a contractors license, references or get three estimates for said project for the individual to make his or her own decision. Making rash decisions on the opinion of somebody else is irresponsible and can be a costly endeavor.

Just because somebody is elected to a homeowners association does not make them an expert in every endeavor in life. Nor does it give the individual that makes the final decision for his or her self the right to blame the person who they asked for an opinion for their own irresponsible actions.

Brian Rose