Union Democrat staff

Social justice for all

To the Editor:

A recently released study by the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development may help us see why our democracy is now threatened by what may be the worst combination of social, economic and political issues in American history.

The OCED consists of a group of countries that have been working together for 50 years to build a better world for everyone.

Their research on social justice ranks the United States as 27th among the 31 member nations. Their study focuses on nine categories: overall social justice, overall poverty prevention, overall poverty rate, child poverty, senior citizen poverty, income equality, pre-primary public education and health. Ranking below the United States are Greece, Chile, Mexico and Turkey. The top five countries are Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

The results of the OCED study may come to some as a revelation. At the very least, it may help others understand why increasing numbers of people are participating in, or otherwise supporting, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and striving toward social justice for all.

Ray Liedlich


Tuolumne Road accident

To the Editor:

To the inhumane creature driving a white pickup truck that hit and killed a large white bulldog who ran into the road in front of my office on Tuolumne Road (Winters Cleaning Services) at 10:40 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 14:

You will be punished. Our neighbor's dog unintentionally got out of his gated yard and unexpectedly ran out into this busy section of Tuolumne Road, and although you didn't have a chance to slow down or stop to let him cross, you did hit him, and you KNEW you hit him.

The impact was severe. I heard, saw and felt the impact while horrified, I witnessed it from our driveway. I saw parts fly off of cars that subsequently encountered the accident.

You KNEW you hit him, yet you didn't have the courtesy to do the right thing and stop to deal with the situation. This was an unavoidable accident, but you didn't have the guts or the compassion to stop.

Shame on you. You now have to live with the horrible memory of killing this helpless pet, and I hope it makes you sick everyday. You will be punished, if only by Karma.

Dawn Cronin

Twain Harte