Union Democrat staff

Windstorm damage

To the Editor:

All of us at Twain Harte Family Dental Care wish to express our appreciation for all of your thoughts and prayers after the damage sustained to the office in the windstorm. We are grateful that miraculously all doctors, employees and patients escaped with only minor injuries.

We have been astounded by the rapid and overwhelming response from the dental and business community to assist us in our rebuilding. We will begin seeing some patients at our colleague's offices this week, and expect to be open for all of our patients in a temporary location before Christmas.

Again, thanks to all of you for your support. You can still contact us by phone at 209-586-2772 with any questions.

Drs. McKelvey, Grossman, and Russell and staff

Twain Harte Family Dental

Twain Harte

PG&E heroes

To the Editor:

Heros come in many forms.

We have lived in Tuolumne County for over 35 years, and have not seen the wind hurricane forces, as we did in early December. Massive trees toppled with ease, homes and cars were crushed, many roads were closed, and the wind took down power lines along with the poles. Cedar Ridge, Twain Harte, along with the whole county was hit hard.

As we're leaving, because it's dangerous to stay in the house, here comes the convoy of many blue PG&E trucks. They are like Marines, they won't give up until the job is done. I cannot say enough for these men. The stamina they have is beyond normal. They are the cream of the crop. PG&E should hand out medals to their men and women. We had crews from Fresno, local and the Valley. This is not the first time we have depended on these guys to restore power, and I know it won't be the last.

In four days our power was restored and the disaster had been winding down. We're amazed that these crews are able to accomplish and restore the messes that mother nature has created.

Our whole county wants to say thank you, PG&E crews and stay safe.

Bonnie and Steve Duych


TUD rate increase

To the Editor:

I see that the TUD Board of Directors is putting their general manager's contract decision off until they resolve the budget mess. That is a convenient way to find a scapegoat for the mess they got us into. The $2 million dollar debt we are in did not occur overnight - and they are supposed to be in charge.

I wonder how many other water districts our size are in the mess we're in - including being $2,000,000 in debt?

It was very "gamy" of them to leave it up to the customers to vote on whether or not to go through with the rate hikes. That is like the captain of a ship turning control over to the passengers in the middle of a storm.

I'm still not clear on whether our water "surplus" eases the projected 50 percent cutback in water use ordered by the state, but it sure raises the question of whether some of our forced reduction in use will be used to supply new development.

When is the next election?

Glenn Carroll