Union Democrat staff

Thanks for the

Christmas decorations

To the Editor:

Speaking for many residents in Sonora Hills, we would like to praise and thank whomever decorated the Sonora Regional Medical Center's grounds.

The gardens are beautiful this year and I encourage anyone who hasn't seen them to walk or drive by to see a job well done and much appreciated.

Merry Christmas and a big thanks to everyone involved.

Teri Philbrook


First storm, lessons learned

To The Editor:

To friends and neighbors with significant property damage or injury from this winter's first storm, a hurricane without the rain, I hope and pray for your speedy recovery with the support of true friends, neighbors and from professionals contracted to help.

I began to think of our community when our homeowners association's president became defensive when his associate demonstrated his incompetence. Responsible conduct reduces the danger to ourselves and those around us.

We learn from some, how to prepare, repair, or simply care for another. While others, serve as good bad examples of what not to do. The latter, while truly exasperating, they show the importance of the lessons from the former.

This year, I was blessed with a generator that was installed in the nick of time. I had the support of a friend who recommended a competent licensed and insured electrician and the technical support of the manufacturer such that life was easier compared to last year when I had to sit in the dark.

Some facts are not too comforting. For every tree that fell there is one or more now weakened that will fall in future winds with rain soaked ground and the added weight of snow. Thus, we can expect more blackouts.

Shopping generators? Some suggestions: compare manufacturers as to price, quality and technical support. Not every product on the Internet is a complete system leading to added expenses. I chose a manual transfer switch so I wont have a surge when power is restored that could destroy appliances in your home. A worthy trade in convenience for household safety and those working to restore power.

David R. Paul

Cedar Ridge