Union Democrat staff

Praise for Curtis Creek and

basketball Coach Vonich

To the Editor:

The success of the basketball program year in and year out is truly amazing. The quality and winning record parallels the longevity of its excellent coach Bill Vonich.

Bill Vonich is a winner in so many ways. Besides his outstanding winning record, his teams always display great sportsmanship and respect for their opponents.

Curtis Creek School is fortunate to have the love and devotion he shares with all these young people.

Bob Gibson


Candle lighting in

remembrance of children

To the Editor:

When a child dies in your family, the world changes, and you will never again be the same person. The loss of a child, no matter the age or circumstances, is truly one of life's harshest blows.

Compassionate Friends, a self-help bereavement organization, created the Worldwide Candle Lighting. It is always held on the second Sunday in December which, this year, is this coming Sunday, Dec. 11, at 7 p.m. Each person lights a candle that burns for one hour. Candles are first lit just west of the International Date Line and an hour later in the next time zone; eventually creating a 24 hour wave of light to remember all children who have died.

Roger and I invite your readers to light a candle this Sunday, Dec. 11, at 7 p.m. in remembrance of our children. Please add your flame to the wave of light around the world.

Kathy Francis


Occupy Wall Street


To the Editor:

Things Occupy Wall Street should consider. Corporations exist to make money and in exchange offer products and services we need and want. How would you not risk mediocre results from them if you limit their pay? Shouldn't you be more angry at government officials who take their bribes and money from unions.

How about a banking system free from government pressure to make risky loans, maybe then we won't have to bail them out. An educational system for those who want to be truly educated and not indoctrinated with political correct garbage and a one sided view that America is the cause of much of the workers' problems. A voucher system would help here.

Want more jobs, then vote for a national or state wide Right to Work Law. The job market would no longer be controlled by power hungry unions.

Finally, instead of trying to extract more money from the one percent, which would end up in the government black hole anyway, why not make better use of our God given natural and human resources, even consider a flat or national sales tax to replace the IRS.

Peter J Lopez