Union Democrat staff

Tea Party or the

Occupy Movement?

To the Editor:

I read with interest the two letters explaining the Occupy Movement. As our system provides for change through the ballot, the movement will go nowhere unless it can marshal its forces for the next election. Given the positions espoused in the aforementioned letters, it seems the writers would be most comfortable in the electoral movement known as the Tea Party.

Michael Ackley


TUD increase

for ratepayers

To the Editor:

TUD seems to have difficulty in throwing its money, or should I say our money, around. They keep running out of it. Why don't they have monthly increases in rates, then TUD can toss its bucks around without a care in the world. I'm on disability and I hate it but I am stuck with it. Gov. Jerry Brown slaps me with a $150 a year fire tax without voter approval. TUD wants regular rate increases, what's a guy that can't work to do? Eat dog food?

I think TUD needs to publish a complete financial disclosure in the Union Democrat every time they want to stick us with a rate increase. For me every time a utility has a rate increase I cringe. If I could ask Social Security Disability Insurance for an increase in my monthly pay every time my bills go up I would be able to rest a bit easier.

Patrick H Luepke


The meaning

of Christmas

To the Editor:

To the people who say Happy Holidays, the schools who call it a winter break and have winter shows with winter songs, to Twain Harte who calls its parade Winter Wonderland, to those who call them holiday trees, to the merchants that talk of holiday gifts, to those who write X-Mas, etc, etc. You do have the right to do and say all these things, but no matter what you do you can't change the fact that on Dec. 25 the United States of America celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and we call it Christmas. Jesus was born for everyone. He died on the cross for our sins and three days later rose from the dead so that we can be saved. You just have to put your faith in him as your Lord and Savior. If you haven't done that, I pray that you will. When you do, you will understand why it is a Merry Christmas.

Norm Gough