Union Democrat staff

TUD Rate Increases

To the Editor:

How dare Pete Kampa come up with this outrageous water rate increase at a time when the economy is what it is. He has to be the most unpopular man in the county. I'm sure he often looks over his shoulder. About two years ago rates were increased beyond acceptability and at that time, Ralph Retherford was against the increase. Now, Kampa is back for more. It's called, milking the system while being in charge. His reason is that money is needed for future projects and to study these projects when in reality, it is to make sure there is enough money in the kitty for employee salary increases. Again, Retherford said it is wrong to ask for an increase with the economy being what it is. Retherford seems to be the only one with any sense and moral conscience. Kampa needs a reality check. He needs to focus on making sure the water we drink is acceptable, which I highly question. Here is a test for the people of Sonora. Leave home for two or three days, come back and check the water in your toilet bowl. You'll see a black ring at the top. This is the water you're drinking that is coming from Duck Poop Pond, better known as Phoenix Lake.

It's the old ploy, folks, ask for the moon, knowing well you won't get it and get a star to calm the roar of the crowd, which is what Kampa wanted all along. It's the perfect flimflam.

I hope most of the county shows up at the December 7th meeting.

Norman Reed


Small town generosity

To the Editor:

Reading Frank Diggles letter to the editor regarding Andy's Home Centers' closing and Steve Anderson's generosity brought back a special memory.

Our son and daughter-in-law, Jesse and Hannah Lafayette, had a home built for them in partnership with Habitat for Humanity in 2004. Andy's gave Habitat a large discount on the studs for the interior structure of the home. One weekend was set aside for a signing of these big wooden beams. It was held in the parking lot of Andy's. People were encouraged to write messages in felt pen on the studs for a small donation to Habitat. We will never forget all the generous people in our community that turned out to donate and write prayers of blessing, good wishes and loving message to Jesse and his family on the beams.

Jesse passed away in November 2008 and his family has since moved but the studs inside his home still continue to stand as a silent testimony to the generous and loving spirit in this community. His children know and love the story of the "blessings" on the beams.

Thanks Steve - you are a part of the giving heart of Sonora - truly small town America at its best.

Dennis and Kathy Lafayette