Union Democrat staff

Thank you firefighters

To the Editor:

This is just a quick letter to thank all of the firefighters from all the different areas of Tuolumne County. On the morning of Nov. 22, on Little Fuller Road, our neighbor's house was fully enflamed and the flames were starting to go up trees, landing on our roof and moving toward our house. My husband and I started getting our dogs and a few items and putting them in our cars just in case flames did get to our house. Lucky for us we had the best of the best of all the Tuolumne County Firefighters and our house was well protected.

Thank you again Tuolumne County Fire, Mi-Wuk/ Sugar Pine Fire, Twain Harte Fire, CDF, Tuolumne County Ambulance and if I forgot someone I am sorry. So kindly thank you for everything. I wish I could thank you all by name because all of you were so superlative and I am glad you are here for our community.

Mary Anastasio

Twain Harte

Giving a child a chance

in Tuolumne County

To the Editor:

I am a longtime Tuolumne County resident on sabbatical from TC. I wanted to point out that although we live in rough times it is a wonderful thing to get to not only come home and visit my beloved family and friends, but to also get to witness the best thing about our fair community, its generosity. I think this is exemplified by the loving nature of Lisa Hobbs. She graciously gives so much of her time in many endeavors, but right now, along with the responsibilities of a happy mom, she is diligently putting together a show to fund her charity of "Give Every Child A Chance." To do this, we will be involved in a Murder Mystery that will help her make sure that the organization can keep tutoring children. This act is not as simple as it sounds since she is knee deep in organizing a long list of details that would normally require many people to accomplish. She has to block out the play, organize a meal and dance, gather together prizes, and direct a complex play. I just want to say thanks to Lisa and point out that she is organizing a positive activity. You represent all that is good about Tuolumne County.

Terri Pugh

Santa Cruz