Union Democrat staff

Taking care

of the flag

To the Editor:

I am a veteran and a county employee. As I left work the other day, I noticed the American Flag outside the main post office. It was torn and tattered. I stopped in and informed the clerk, but he didn't seem at all concerned about the disgraceful condition of our flag. I was taught to respect and honor this symbol of our freedom. This I guess is not of great concern to the United States Postal Service.

Edward Sampson


The Bailouts

Never Stop

To the Editor:

My wife and I are deliriously happy. Today we found out that our stock market investment that lost 50 percent of its value during the last couple of years has been saved for us.

Keep Your Investment California has bailed us out. Thank you to all tax payers for making our risk taking safe from loss. Just like the Wall Street Bankers, we win regardless of how the market goes. Darn we are one of those tax payers. Our children and grandchildren can foot the bill, which will come due for the Nanny State.

How soon we forget that the government does not produce wealth, make a product, sell a service, or show a profit. The government takes your money, sends billions to foreigners and foreign governments, spends more than it takes in, and sells out America by floating debt to foreign investors.

Is this the America you want? If not, consider sending the government a message. Vote out all the incumbents and start over.

PS: Keep Your Home California is a government program that takes the risk out of paying too much for your home and financing the risk opportunity of home investment. They, the government, do this by paying down part of your mortgage.

Virgil McVicker


Social Equity

To the Editor:

The Occupy Movement has been compared to zombies, labeled as a bunch of old retirees, communist and shiftless malcontents. We are accused of being leaderless and not knowing what we want, and needing a bath … all myths. There is a leader, the concept of social equity.

I stand for a democracy that isn't "owned" by the Abermoff's of K Street, or bullied by the "Norquist's" who threaten the non-compliant with removal from office. I want a banking system that's honest and doesn't steal our savings with a ponzi scheme guised as "financial instruments." How about a health care system that doesn't leave the surviving partner destitute when their loved one passes before them? And an education system that is accessible to everyone that wants to better themselves? Put the money back they pilfered from Social Security to finance wars. Take care of the vets wounded in body and soul, that return home to another struggle, to survive.

Why can't the corporations making record profits quarter after quarter use some of those billions to employ people, instead paying CEO's bonuses. Capitalism should really be called economic cannibalism. The free market is only free until it fails, and who pays? We do. Twice, once when our nest egg gets raided, and again with billions in bailouts from "we the taxpayers" for generations.

The irony of all this is that those whose reaction is negative to the Occupy Movement will readily agree with just about every point I've made. You are the 99 percent. To those who cannot see beyond their fixed ideas fed to them and reinforced daily by our division media - you are the zombies.

We are for a just and fair America.

Bill Schiavo


Occupy Wall Street Movement

To the Editor:

Dick Eller's letter reveals serious misunderstandings about Occupy Wall Street. Maybe I can clear things up for him.

OWS is a huge and growing movement. It's made up of working, unemployed, students and retired Americans for the most part. It's composed of Americans of every age, economic and social class, and it won't be going away until certain changes are brought about in this once great country. There are many voices and ideas in this genuine grass roots movement, but the most widespread are as follows: 1) We insist that corporations and the super wealthy no longer be allowed to corrupt our politicians through lobbying and massive campaign contributions. 2) The 1 percent (corporations and super rich) must be compelled to pay their fair share of the cost of our government. Currently the guy who's pulling in millions in investment income pays 15 percent, while his house cleaner pays at double that rate. Other OWS visions include getting rid of health care profiteering, enforcing strong financial regulation and anti-trust … and more. Stay tuned, get involved, join the discussion.

Mr. Eller and those of like opinion need to know that students aren't trying to take their hard earned money. What we want are politicians who aren't bought and paid for by huge corporations and the super rich and we want those politicians to work together to come to compromises on the size of government and how to pay fairly for it.

Why don't you come down to Courthouse Park next Saturday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. and, with an open mind, talk to the good Americans you'll find there.

Bob Wetzel