Union Democrat staff

Foothill doctors

To the Editor:

I, too, went to the doctor mentioned in a recent letter. She took care of me for 10 years and during that time displayed great compassion and excellent care in spite of her personal problems. This is a big loss for me and the foothills have lost another good doctor. I cannot judge her personal problems or the stress she was under but hopefully she will get the help she needs and someday be my doctor again.

Marjorie Motch


Post Office losses

To the Editor:

Post Office losses $5.1 billion. What a surprise? (NOT).

They do business in the red most of the time, and their answer to fixing their financial problem is to raise rates, not solutions like closing two days a week. With online services available, why don't they open four days a week for 10 hours? I think when they raise rates, many people cut down on buying. Is it mismanagement or what? Could a real business continue with a $5.1 billion loss? A great Thanksgiving to all and keep up the good work Union Democrat.

Roy Jueal

Twain Harte

Hard-work not hand-outs

To the Editor:

The "occupy" protesters want the government to "take money from those who have it." Notice they never say "those who earned it."

It may appear as though we have a certain degree of wealth, but what we have was accumulated through 50 years of hard continuous work, saving wages, sometimes sacrifice. We only hope there is enough to see us through our old age. What gives people who have not yet finished school the right to our money?

I'll fight hard to keep what we earned. I'll share something though - advice. If you can't find a job, grab a broom and mop and go door to door. Or a lawn mower. There are hundreds of ways to make your own job. If you keep after it for 50 years, you'll end up defending your money from people who think they deserve it.

I started out busing tables at age 14 while still in school. Many times I held two full-time jobs. I never took a day of unemployment, paid out of pocket for college, and I never ever asked anyone to pay more taxes so I could have it easier.

Dick Eller


Tuolumne Tomorrow

To the Editor:

What you need to know concerning the Board of Supervisors' Draft 5 year Program Plan 2012-16, Section D, Quality of Life, item A, complete and adopt Blue Print Plan.

How has the Board of Supervisors made it a foregone conclusion that the board will be adopting the plan when the parties involved in the design of the Blueprint claim that the process is not yet complete?

A Tuolumne Tomorrow (blueprint) publication states that "public participation makes it all possible. Only with everyone's input will the final Blueprint Plan reflect the priorities and values of the Tuolumne County community."

I don't believe that the public has been properly informed. One publication states that the Technical Advisory Committee meets monthly in a public place to discuss everything related to the Blueprint Process. There have been no public announcements in the newspaper to inform the general public where and when these meetings take place. The advertisement in the paper should be much more informative than the last ones.

People need to really know what this is all about: government planning for the future uses of property. Their objective is to increase multiple-use zoning. This blueprint, along with the county General Plan may seriously affect the private property rights of our citizens. A property is purchased with the expectation that the zoning will remain consistent unless, subsequent to the acquisition, the owner requests otherwise. The outcome of this plan could have grave financial consequences for the property owner.

Folks, pay attention and make sure you attend the meetings in order to voice your opinions. Ask probing questions if you don't understand something.

Joan C. Kern