Letters to the editor for Nov. 17, 2011

Union Democrat staff

President's constitutional authority

To the Editor:

Regarding CB Maxwell's letter (Nov. 7), Where to begin, where does it end - this drivel and misinformation?

According to Maxwell, the President has no authority over extending "unemployment insurance … rebuilding the middle class … businesses moving offshore." Don't Republicans in Congress claim to address those very same issues (although they do very little about them)? Government has nothing to do with the creation of autos etc.? Maxwell is right, that's "private enterprise," but GM and Chrysler and others would be extinct hadn't the Government provided loans to keep manufacturing going in these United States. Health care, too, is not just "private enterprise" - it affects the whole economy because sick workers can't work. Education: Our county ranks 51 among 58 in the number of high-school students eligible for college. What's the effect of that on the economy? What nearly triggered the collapse of the whole world economy wasn't the housing bubble; like the bubble itself, the cause was not over-regulation but the lack thereof and non-enforcement of existing rules. "Wall Street" had invented clever ways to escape Government oversight - just search wikipedia for MBS, CDO, CDS and similar keywords. All while certain members of Congress were busy trying to "starve the beast" - the beast, that's Government. Now California is starved - anyone happy? Cutting off the legs of the economy, punishing the middle class and the poor for not having a job or being poor, is that good policy? Would a Republican President claim what Maxwell asserts: that he has no constitutional authority to deal with these issues? Or do Maxwell's claims only pertain to this President?

Klaus Kraemer


Indigeny Reserve expansion

To the Editor:

I disagree with Rachel Mosley's letter regarding the proposed Indigeny expansion. Ms. Mosley states,"the government should generally avoid trying to control what people do on their own property, commercial or residential." Ms. Mosley, the county ordinances, codes, and regulations are for everyone's safety and are to be upheld by the commissions, agencies, and elected officials. The Knopfs have a valid reason to be upset when the county planning commission neglects to make the proposal of Indigeny's expansion subject to public comment. Lyons Bald Mountain Road is a narrow, twisting road with one viable exit. The majority of the "million dollar house residents" that Ms. Mosley wrote of, do not live directly on Lyons Bald Mountain Road, but rather in the gated estates or ranches. The impacted residents of the Indigeny expansion will be those who live along the two mile stretch from Apple Hill Road to the Greenley intersection. These residents as well as those in Apple Valley deserve to have a voice in the Indigeny expansion.

Elaine Sargent


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