Union Democrat staff

Doctors and patients

To the Editor:

It seems in the last 11 years my wife and I have been a jinx on Calaveras/Tuolumne physicians. Every time we find one we are comfortable with, they desert us. Usually they leave town, I'm guessing for new opportunities. This time come to find out our doctor has been arrested on drug charges. What's up with that Doc? We, your patients spill our guts to you in more ways than one. We trust you for your knowledge, wisdom and expertise. We trust you with our lives. I for one would like you to know that you really let us down.

Chris and Kathy Harden


Veterans license plates

To the Editor:

Need a good idea for a gift for your veteran? Try the California Veterans Specialty license plate. Your veteran can display their branch of service, or in many cases, their specific unit. I have one that reads "CAVPIO." I proudly served with the First Cavalry Division, sometimes called "The Cav" and I served as a reporter/photographer with the Public Information Office (PIO), ergo, CAVPIO.

The cost is $30 over the regular annual licensing fee but most of that $30 comes back to the Tuolumne County Veterans Service Office (VSO) to be used to aid veterans. Now that is a gift that keeps on giving. You can get the form and apply at the Veterans Service Office at 105 E. Hospital Road (in the East end of the old Tuolumne General Hospital). Do it today. It will make your veteran proud ― you know the one I'm talking about - the veteran that you are proud of.

Beats another tie.

Frank M. Smart


Thanks, Gavin Newsom

To the Editor:

Recently Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom visited the Sonora area. This visit was not a political or campaign stop. The Lt. Governor visited our area to discuss the issues and explain his previously released Economic Plan for California.

He was able to make four stops, including KVML, the Union Democrat, lunch and the Opera Hall with over three hundred in attendance, a tour and talk at Columbia College for students, staff and trustees.

Included at each stop were comments pertaining to the economy, education, jobs, environment and other subjects. Lt. Governor Newsom answered all questions, and impressed all in attendance with his presentation, and total grasp of the issues.

The mix of attendees during the full day of events covered the full political spectrum and his comments related to all Californians. Local folks, business, media, organized labor, and youth groups were all represented.

The events were planned and hosted by the Tuolumne County Democratic Central Committee and Club. We hoped that having a state elected official visit and be exposed to our special area could and would be a winner for Tuolumne County. Lt. Governor Newsom was very impressed with the events, the warm reception and our area in general.

Supervisor Evan Royce, district attorney Donald Segerstrom, and county assessor Ken Caetano were able to attend and we appreciate their attendance on behalf of Tuolumne County.

Again thank you Governor Newsom for coming to Tuolumne County. it was a win-win for us all.

Robert Cantley

Twain Harte

Christmas coming

too early again

To the Editor:

Kudos to John Frank who wrote the funniest "Letter to the Editor" I have ever read, recounting the Dollar Store deer incident and the National Christmas Tree being hauled out of town, both on the same day. It's now Nov. 11 and I'm hearing Christmas music in a local department store. I'm going to join the deer; I'm not happy either.

Jo Ellen Hart