Union Democrat staff

GCSD does a good job

To the Editor:

On Tuesday Nov. 8, I read an editorial by The Union Democrat and was appalled by the bashing of GCSD.

I've lived and worked in Groveland for most of my life and I've known most of the management and employees over the years. For the last few years the management and employees have been the best by far. I've watched GCSD do many upgrades to the water and sewer system including upgrading all the sewer lift stations. Accidents and malfunctions happen to every water district in every state. It's unfortunate, but a fact. When there's a water break or a sewer spill, GCSD employees are out there fixing the problem in any kind of weather all night and weekends if needed to restore water service or correct a sewer spill as fast as possible.

I noticed this editorial was not signed by the author, but I think it would be fair to say you way over did your bashing. I can only hope the staff at GCSD can overlook this editorial and keep up the good job they are doing for this community. Water and sewer rates are high here, but it takes money and good equipment to maintain and upgrade an aging water and sewer system. The huge fine threatened by the state can only make rates go higher.

Murray Smith


National Christmas Tree

To the Editor:

Tuolumne County at its worst … best example of the "Good Old Boy" mind set is the bucolic and narrow vision conception of what is of importance and what is seen as not significant. How short sighted can a bunch of county government "folks" be?

To have only three of our supervisors in favor of supporting the "People's Tree" is truly an embarrassment for Tuolumne County. Our thanks and appreciation go to those three and our disgust to the rest. After all, this event is only the United States of America National Christmas Tree.

Most of us view this pageantry with pride in our community and appreciation of the honor bestowed upon our county. If you, the dissenting supervisors, are not proud of your county, I suggest you re-assess your priorities and stop the knee jerk reaction responses to some voter influences. You're never going to please them all, so why not just do the right thing, the smart thing, the honest thing and feel good about it.

Bim Hastings


Andys Home Center

To the Editor:

I'm sure we are all sorry to see many of our friends losing their jobs due to Andy's closing in this period of such poor government leadership. Owner Steve Anderson, however, is to be commended for running such a community-oriented business that financially supported so many local functions and organizations.

I was a docent at Columbia State Historic Park for 10 years and responsible for much new building and reconstruction of Columbia Diggins. When I first went to Steve and asked if he could give us a price break on a sizable list of lumber and building materials, he simply gave us everything at no cost, even delivered it at our site.

Thanks, Steve, and have a great retirement with your lovely wife, Jan.

Frank Diggle