Union Democrat staff

Protesters are an embarrassment

To the Editor:

It annoys me how all these protesters can take weeks and go out and protest.

I believe it is the far left radicals who are supporting this nonsense. They are destroying our parks, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage and people are getting hurt.

If you do not like capitalism, leave the United States. Send them to Iran and see how they like it. Go to Europe, Canada or Denmark and get your free handouts so you don't have to work.

Go to the White House and protest. Mr. Obama is the one who got us into this mess, and the Democrats.

Go home protesters, get a job and work for your money. The world owes you nothing.

Patricia L. Deefeer


Too early for Christmas

To the Editor:

It's not a coincidence that a deer vented his anger inside the Dollar Tree store while the National Christmas Tree was being hauled out of town (see Monday's front page stories). It seems this year Sonora is ground zero for Christmas, and Santa's Reindeer are not too happy we're starting the Christmas Season before Thanksgiving (again). Merchants are advised to keep their Christmas inventory off the shelves for another two weeks - the deer are watching and they're not happy with us.

John Frank


TUD water increase

To the Editor:

If I'm not the first, then let me add my voice to the chorus of praise and adulation for TUD for their bold, uncompromising announcement of a rate increase. The one suggestion that I have is that they should have given a reason for the hike other than "there hasn't been one since 2009." Perhaps they could have used the old stand-by laments about infrastructure, pensions, or (my personal favorite) "this county wasn't built right." I'm sure the road department doesn't have exclusive rights on that tired out phrase. The timing of this rate increase couldn't be better with unemployment at zero percent, all that free money coming in with the Justice Center building, and just the plain fact that everyone has too much money.

For those out there who want to complain, I won't hear of it. If TUD wants to sell water, good for them. So the people of this county will have less water and pay more for the privilege. TUD is just looking for a bigger piece of the action. So what if you have to pay more?

It was an inspired move to have the public forum on a Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. If people really want to complain, they'll have to take off work … well, those who have a job.

Tom Griffiths