Union Democrat staff

Caring Tuolumne

County citizens

To the Editor:

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who helped me when I tripped and fell in the Crossroads parking lot on Wednesday, Oct 26, especially Jim and the lady who held my head and talked to me, so sorry I cannot remember your name.

This is why my husband and I have lived in Tuolumne County for 25 years. You would go a long way to find more caring people.

Margaret Bergstrom


TUD water

service customers

To the Editor:

A huge rate increase over the next three years is being considered by TUD. This does not need to happen if a majority of TUD water service customers protest the increase - at least that is what TUD states on page four of the letter sent to all their customers. Send or deliver to TUD your protest letter with your name and address on it to stop this increase. Dec. 7 is the deadline.

Judy Olson


Tuolumne County

Government issues

To the Editor:

Question, what does it take to get governments to understand? We're broke. Yet our county wants another feather in their crown to the tune of what, about a quarter of a billion dollars in that they want to build a "justice center."

Food for thought. Why does this county need two policing agencies? Abolish the Sonora P.D. Reform the Sheriff's Dept. (clean it up). Lower the top positions pay to something a bit more reasonable, and raise the wage of the officer on the street. Combine all resources into one good agency that could and would better serve the community. Then perhaps our local government could learn to do what we have to do. Save money and work within means available.

Here's a really novel idea. Try setting an example here locally and show our State and Federal governments how it should be done instead of continuing the ideology of self service. I know it's really hard to believe in this day and age (even though we are forced to pay for it all under duress) but you really are supposed to be working for us and our best interests. Wanna build an empire? Get a job (if you could find one) and do it at your own expense. We're sick of it.

Paul Stovall