Union Democrat staff

Highway 49

bike accidents

To the Editor:

The days are nice, bikers are out riding their motorcycles, once again someone has been injured just beyond the Highway 49 Mariposa-Tuolumne county line. This incident is not something new to us because we see it happen time after time, over and over again.

The reason being is easy to see. When leaving Coulterville on Highway 49 the bikers find themselves climbing up a hill to the Mariposa-Tuolumne County line, now speed has been increased. When reaching the top of the hill they begin a down hill grade, not realizing they are about to enter a danger zone of three sharp turns, one after the other, within a short distance. This causes many to end up in the ditch with broken bones and damaged bikes, some are hurt seriously.

I would like to see this taken care of, for all the bikers. I write to you The Union Democrat to look into this dangerous section of the Highway 49 Tuolumne County road to see if it could be fixed. All it would take is a big warning sign. Slow - Sharp -Turns.

This could save many from receiving serious injuries and or perhaps a fatality.

Bernie Budowich


Shopping locally

To the Editor:

Shop Local. Many merchants have these signs in their windows to remind us that your money stays in the community. I have seen 100 or more out of town contractors working on our merchants properties. Our local contractors could do whatever work that needs to be done. This from striping the parking lots, paving, HVAC, painting, electrical, big booms, glass, and much more.

I think that the Sonora City Council and/or the Tuolumne Board of Directors should pass some legislation that will encourage all business to look more closely to the need of our local business.

Why hire out of area contractors. All they will buy is food (our locals will too) and leave their tailings.

Gary van Den Bergh


Can't see the forest

for the Capitol Tree

To the Editor:

It's a mystery to think Tuolumne County won't support a national opportunity. People all over the state will view the National Christmas Tree, have the pride that it comes from Tuolumne County and a free fun celebration at the fairgrounds to send the tree on it's way.

Towns and counties all over America will financially sponsor the National Capitol Christmas Tree at their venue but Tuolumne County, at the source can't see the benefits that come with it. I know the Board of Supervisors has supported much more frivolous projects.

Past third District Supervisor, Jim Peterson would roll over in his grave if he knew the Board didn't support a 5-0 vote. Shame on you. You certainly missed the boat on this one.

Donna Peterson


Stop trashing roads

To the Editor:

Why be concerned with the "tons of trash" and "islands of debris" floating across the Pacific from Japan when we cannot even keep our roads clean at home?

About three weeks ago we picked up 15 bags of garbage, six hubcaps, misc large items (towels, boxes, full bags of trash) and several old yard sale signs off of Woodhams Carne Road. Today we picked up (thought we should clean up before it piled up) two bags of garbage and misc large items. All of this from a "short" one-mile stretch of road from Tuolumne Road to Buckhorn Mountain.

Here's a thought … If you put a sign up, take it down. If you have beer cans, McDonald's sacks, or water bottles in your car, take them home. If there is trash on your property or around your mailbox, bend over and pick it up. Even cats bury it.

Jackie Bauer