Union Democrat staff

Occupy what?

To the Editor:

When I watched the first "Occupy Wall Street" protests on TV with the mindless chanting and naive signs protesting greed and wealthy, I wondered what motivated such frantic mass-mania.

The mobs were speaking Democracy, but acting like Communist revolutionaries. Just because they're all marching in the same direction doesn't mean that they have any idea of where they are going or why. They remind me of Shakespeare's Puck in "A Midsummer's Night": "Lord, what fools these mortals be."

Democracy isn't the tyranny of the majority and isn't the politics of envy or vengeance. It's not enhanced by violent demonstrations, rhetoric and bureaucracy. True Democracy is a policy of self-rule by individuals in voluntary cooperation. I emphasize "voluntary." It's made strong by rational discussion and negotiation between tolerant and reasonable men and women. It respects the rights and property of every individual.

No nation ever advanced from poverty to prosperity through violence, taxation or bureaucratic control. Unprecedented increases in the wealth and well-being of average Americans in the 20th century was brought about by entrepreneurs producing things people wanted at affordable prices they were willing to pay in a free market. For example, it was Henry Ford, not Ralph Nader nor the Department of Transportation that made automobiles available to average Americans. And, can you imagine a government agency producing an I-pad or Mac computer? We're grateful to Steve Jobs and pleased that he prospered. He earned his considerable wealth.

But, has the last half century of privilege and easy living made us too fat, dumb and spoiled to preserve our free nation? Please, Americans, show me otherwise. Embrace personal responsibility, individual freedom, the Constitution and rule of law.

Robert L. Mulvany


More good Samaritans

To the Editor:

I am very pleased to read that Frances Easley was taken well care of by some Good Samaritans, either in Tuolumne or Calaveras County. I know they are there. However, such was not the case on Friday Sept. 23, on Murphys Grade Road, Calaveras County.

My son stopped his van by the side of the road to take a cell phone call. In walking along the roadside he twisted his foot, fell, breaking his left leg in two places. His cell phone chose to die at that same moment. He laid by the side of the road trying to get someone to stop and help him for over an hour to no avail. My son has longish hair, a beard, and doesn't dress in a suit. He is an "old straw hat" kind of guy and drives an old white van with odd things on it. Finally, after a long hour of suffering, two good Samaritans did stop and got him into his van so that he could drive himself to Mark Twain Hospital, have a cast put on and then drove himself home. God bless the two of you whoever you are.

The lesson to be learned is no matter what we look like, what we wear, or what we drive, we are all God's children and deserve to be treated as such. And thanks to all of you that were there for Frances. Would I have stopped, a woman by herself? Yes, however I would have kept my doors locked and my motor running until I assessed the situation. Then call or go for help.

Laurel Utecht