Union Democrat staff

Helpful shopper

To the Editor:

I did it again. For the second time I left my purse in a shopping cart. And for the second time some wonderful shopper took the time to turn my blunder into customer service - contents untouched. Thank you.

Don't tell me humankind is going to the dogs. I see the goodness. Over and over again.

Tricia Gardella


Pendley, board should resign

To the Editor:

I am dismayed at the lack of character, honor and personal responsibility of those involved in the abuse case at Columbia Elementary, including the DA.

It is deeply disturbing to see so many prominent community members quite willing to throw a child under the bus, shove the whole thing under the carpet, and in the process cover themselves with the filth. Yes, the perpetrator has been convicted; but I have yet to hear anyone address the civil liability half of the equation.

Superintendent John Pendley and the school board have exposed the school district to enormous civil liability.

California schools pay on average of about $300,000 when found liable in bullying cases. I imagine those involved in the Columbia case will face liability many times that amount. With so much at stake, Pendley and the board need to resign because they now have an ongoing conflict of interest with the school's interests.

Heidi Fuller


Obama defended

To the Editor:

In her Sept. 26 letter Irene Zamzow urges us all to read President Obama's books so we, too, will know how he "has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to the American people. He has no love for us." I have read both books and do not know what she is talking about. Specific references to what she is referring to would be helpful. I did not read anything indicating hostility to Americans or to our country. He is an American who loves his country and is grateful for the unique opportunities America offers to all of her citizens.

I am also unclear about her references to his policies being textbook socialism. In what ways? It's easy to make vague accusations; substantiation is needed. Yes, he wants to provide a safety net for the needy. Yes, he wants to rebuild the middle class with decent jobs rather than giving big businesses tax advantages when they ship jobs overseas. Yes, he wants government regulation of financial institutions practices - regulation that was lacking and allowed the country to come to the edge of economic collapse in 2008. He also wants policies to encourage business innovation that has made our country strong (examples: automobile, telephone, personal computers, spin off products from space program). While we fret about birth certificates and unions (who gave us the jobs for a strong middle class) other countries like China, India and Russia are establishing themselves as the leaders in the technology and production of energy sources of the future - wind and solar. I support these policies. To me they are not socialism, they are good sense.

Ellen Beck