Union Democrat staff

Thanks to our local public servants

To the Editor:

The other day two happy girls walked by my yard on French Gulch Road singing and laughing. My smile disappeared a minute later when a driver sped past. Fearing that the next moment I'd hear skidding or worse … what I heard returned the smile to my face. It was the sound of the siren of a law enforcer (you know those awful government employees) pulling them over.

This letter is a thank you to public servants of every category. You all do needed work and you do it for modest pay and not enough appreciation. It's also a letter to remind folks that just as the speeder felt he should be free to get his rush by speeding, corporations feel they should be free to maximize profits. In both instances we need government to make sure that personal and corporate pursuits do not subtract from the greater public good.

Inadequate regulation just leaves dead kids on the road, air and water polluted and millions of jobs sent overseas. We can afford excellent government, we can afford medicare for everyone in America, we can afford excellent public education through college, we can afford excellent public land management, we can afford to make sure that this country becomes a skilled producer of goods with plenty of well paid jobs.

You know how don't you? Take private money out of lawmaking and tax the rich and corporations.

Bob Wetzel


Global Warming vs.

Man-Made Warming

To the Editor:

The subject we have been discussing is "global warming" vs. "man-made global warming." Global warming and then global cooling (in the 70's) is the way our creator has designed it.

The latest scientist to part ways with the "man made global warming" theorists is Dr. Ivar Giaever, a Nobel Laureate. The good doctor is a professor with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and co-signed with 70 other scientists a letter endorsing Obama for President. Now, he has resigned his membership in the American Physical Society, stating he could not agree with their assertions that "the evidence is incontrovertible" for man-made global warming.

As Senator Inhofe said, after many hearings on the subject: "Why would we want to subject our people to these regulations that have no environmental benefits and cause serious harm to the economy? I urge my colleagues to reject legislation designed to control gases and people." Reject these proposals that only satisfy the ever growing demand of environmental groups for power and money. Many voices of the "destroy capitalism" crowd have joined forces to enforce controls. Capitalism with all its' moral flaws embedded is still the best system for mankind.

There is a viable alternative energy coming and we must wait for it. In the meantime we must drill our own oil and end our dependency on the Middle East.

Jan Higgins


Occupy America

To the Editor:

The housing crisis, the credit crunch, failed banks, Fannie/Freddie, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, faltering carry trades, falling wages, trade deficit, federal deficit, unemployment, declining retail sales, a slowing economy in Asia, declining investment in emerging markets, European financial woes. These are all realities permitted by our elected politicians - they manipulated laws, they allowed legislation creating the sleazy mess we call 2011.

Occupy Wall Street is an organic reaction to this perpetual sleaze. It reminds us that the price of freedom is never to be taken for granted, even in America. Obama has failed to live up to his lofty rhetoric, yet many deny any wrongdoing. Eisenhower warned us eloquently about what has happened. Now the pawns and peons will rise up, and torches and pitchforks will be replaced with ipods,cell phones and spontaneous information.

Gird your loins for battle!

Dave Maloney