Union Democrat staff

YCCD salaries

To the Editor:

I found the article on the recent salary increase of Joan Smith to the YCCD Chancellor position very discouraging and again a complete lack of responsibility by the governing board of YCCD. This salary increase amounts to a approximate 17 percent increase over the previous chancellor. Also, a comparison of the annual salaries as listed of Ms. Smith and Mr. Harris of the Los Rios Community College District in Sacramento per student population, I did the math as follows:

Joan Smith - YCCD Chancellor - annual salary of $254,000 plus $14,000 car allowance = $268,000 with a student population of 30,972 equals $8.65 per student.

Brice Harris - Los Rios Community College District - total compensation package of $390,035 with a student population of 131,000 equals $2.97 per student.

A couple of questions come to mind? Why are we paying $5.68 more per student in the YCCD District than the Los Rios Community College District, which is the highest-paid chancellor in the state? A $14,000 car allowance for YCCD at $.35 per mile equals over 40,000 miles per year. (100 miles round trip between Columbia and Modesto would require over 400 trips)

This is another example of runaway spending which is prevalent among our schools and government agencies today, i.e. a $1.8 million dollar parking lot at Sonora Elementary, superintendents at every school in the county with no accountability and self serving school boards. County government spending millions on a juvenile justice program while budgets are in the red. When will this runaway spending come under control.

Just a few examples of "Worth Every Penny." Whose penny?

Ed Anderson


Thanks, Cal Fire

To the Editor:

We would like to thank all the people with Cal Fire, the pilots, Tuolumne Fire Department and the many other people who responded so quickly to the grass fire on our property on Sept. 30. Thanks to their efficient efforts only thirteen acres were burned.

We would especially like to thank Chief Jeff Sanders and Inspector Sam Begovich who were so solicitous of our well-being and who kept us apprised of what exactly was going on.

It takes the coordination of many people to work a fire and a lot of it is hard dirty work. We wish we could thank them all personally, but we hope they will know from this letter how much their work was appreciated.

Tom, Augusta Parrington