Union Democrat staff

Phoenix Lake Obama Statue

To the Editor:

I have had a great laugh or two in recent weeks in reading the hyperventilating, hysteria from those who find the "artistic" statue on Phoenix Lake Road intolerant, ignorant and racist. HaHa...nothing could be further from the truth. It is pure artistic satire top to bottom.

Firstly, none have mentioned the antenna coming out of his head representing his "alien" status. Of course it is painted black as that is the side of his ethnicity he most identifies with, whereas the President could just as easily point to his "white" roots, but he doesn't. Then there is the O emblem on his chest reminding us all how Obama represented himself as "the one we are waiting for." So, is the O for Obama or for the One? And the changing text has in no way been offensive on any occasion that I have seen and I drive by it each day. Typically it simply asks a question such as today: "Are you sorry yet?" Aimed of course at those who voted for him.

The good news, there can't ever be more to vote for him this time, and there surely will be less.

CB Maxwell


Illegal Guns to Mexico

To the Editor:

On Sept. 30, The Union Democrat published a political cartoon which showed a pipeline carrying illegal guns into Mexico. What editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba did not tell you is that thousands of these guns were funneled into the pipeline by means of a plan called "Fast and Furious," conceived by President Obama and carried out by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. This plan has already caused the deaths of two Federal agents.

Why would the President endorse such a scheme? To provide a platform from which anti-gun liberals like Senator Charles Schumer and both California's senators can launch attacks on the Second Amendment.

Remember Obama's pastor and mentor yelling expletives denouncing America in front of his congregation? Echoing the same attitude Obama is steadily trying to erode the Constitution and the Christian principles on which our nation was founded.

When you understand how Obama is damaging America, you know why citizens erect critical statues on their properties.

Martin E. Nedom