Union Democrat staff

Global warming, carbon tax

To the Editor:

I must respond to inaccuracies in Jan Higgins' recent letter on climate change on Sept. 21. Jan cites the Heidelberg Appeal, a 1992 document urging leaders to use science and technology in a thoughtful manner. Jan contends signers "expose the myth and hysteria behind man-made global warming"; however, they did not say "There is no compelling evidence to justify control of greenhouse gasses." That is inconsistent with the fact many of them also signed the World Scientists' Warning to Humanity that specifically mentions global climate change and air pollution as threats to humanity. How ironic and unfair that the scientists who warned against false and non-relevant data are used in this manner.

Jan's underlying beef appears to be the imposition of a carbon trade system. The policy debate about society's response to global warming is different from the facts about it. Undeniably, the ice caps are melting; atmospheric CO2 is increasing; and humanity emits greenhouse gases at far greater rates than volcanoes or other sources. The overwhelming majority of scientists are convinced that global climate change has happened in the past, without man's help, and also that it is happening today, with man's help (see current National Geographic).

Man-made global warming is one reason to promote a carbon tax. That policy also throttles back economic overdrive, resource depletion, dependence on foreign oil, air pollution, and social problems rooted in excessive consumption and insufficient government revenues. I will gladly pay a few cents more for electricity to keep teachers in our schools, policemen on our streets, and have cleaner air to boot. That sounds cooler to me.

John H. Kramer

Registered Geologist


Pendley's irresponsible actions

To the Editor:

In regard to Dr. Pendley's responsibility in the crime that took place at Columbia Elementary School under his watch. Dr. Pendley's most important duty is to protect our children and keep them safe. John Pendley abused his position of power and authority when he allowed his son to be hired for a job he wasn't qualified or certified to do. In my opinion, he wouldn't have been hired if he was not his son.

As an indirect result of Dr. Pendley's irresponsible actions, a young girl was sexually abused at Columbia School in a classroom while other students were sent outside. He again used his position of power and authority to ask staff members to help get his son out of trouble.

John Pendley asked his staff to write letters in defense of his son.

What John Pendley did cannot be justified in any way. The bottom line is what he did was wrong. This could have been anyone's child. If our children can't be safe at school where can they be safe? Are we willing to take the risk of this happening again from a man who abuses his power and position? The misuse of power and authority for personal gain is always dangerous as proven in history. Dr. Pendley should resign or be terminated.

Vicki Barnes


Stolen Humane Society

lawn mower

To the Editor:

This for the person or people that stole a brand new lawn mower from The Perfect Bargains Thrift Store in East Sonora. It was stolen over the weekend of Sept. 18 and 19.

The store is run by the Humane Society of Tuolumne County to help raise money to house, feed and take care of the dogs and cats until they are adopted. You stealing the lawn mower took money that could have helped accomplish this. Please do not steal from the animals. I am a volunteer at the store and have also adopted a dog from the Humane Society. The store is great and my dog is great. Help the animals; don't steal from them.

Linda Wilson