Union Democrat staff

American jobs

To the Editor:

Is there a movement to create jobs? Doing what? Everything that needs to be done such as building computers, building cars, sewing clothes, making tools, building bicycles, making towels, lamps, furniture, food, toys, motorcycles, appliances, plywood. It's all taken care of in some other country and shipped here. What needs to be done here in U.S.? Doctors anybody?

Larry P. Johnson


Freedom of Speech display

To the Editor:

Thank you for the statue on Phoenix Lake Road. This is a freedom of speech issue and not a racial issue.

Obama is purposefully destroying the foundation of our country. Obama is killing jobs with regulations and his policies are textbook socialism. People, read his books. The man has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to the American people. He has no love for us. Period.

Irene Zamzow


Pay our military

To the Editor:

Mr. Obama's administration plans to cut $27 billion over 10 years from the military's retirement and health care package, with the stated objective of making the military benefit package more like civilian plans. What Mr. Obama and his administration are shoveling stinks. Since when has military service ever been close to most civilian jobs? Our military men and women are on call 24/7 for as long as they are on active duty, four years or more. When has a civilian been sent (not asked) to go to a foreign land for an undetermined amount of time, sleep in the dirt in the same clothes for weeks at a time, go without food and water, run the risk of getting killed at any moment, fighting for one's life as well as others with their hands tied, and get paid far below civilian pay? Then, after serving for 20 years or more they only receive 50 percent of their salary in retirement and end up with mediocre health care benefits determined by government employees - not doctors. This administration thinks that's too much.

This is just another attempt from Mr. Obama's administration to try and balance his shortcomings on the backs of our military. I wonder why Mr. Obama doesn't take a look at congressional and presidential retirement and health care packages. How about looking at all that foreign aid given to hostile nations and groups like Hamas? I ask that everyone contact their congressional representatives and send a message loud and clear that this country owes our brave men and women of the military more than what Mr. Obama shovels. It just stinks.

Barb Birks