Union Democrat staff

Response to car accident

To the Editor:

I wish to thank the emergency crew, the firemen, the police, and most especially Jean Newman, who heard the crash as my car rolled over and immediately came to my aid; who called 911; and who stayed with me until I was able to leave. A special thanks to my friend and neighbor, Maryann Mariott, who immediately came when she was called; who brought me home and stayed to give me comfort.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Sandy Blackburn


STCHS barbecue drinks

To the Editor:

In response to the letter "Labor Day BBQ". Claudia, I think you missed the mark this time. You must not have thought it through. A few points you obviously didn't consider. Those people who brought their own beverages were your friends and past volunteers here in Groveland. They bought meal/raffle tickets plus cake/desert from the bake sale and participated in the silent auctions. In fact, one was a past and current STCHS Gold Sponsor at $250. I was there with these "insensitive" beverage toting friends and I did share a drink with them, but I bought three meal tickets at $15 each and $40 worth of raffle tickets. Is $85 not enough for you Claudia, did you want my $2 for a beer, as well?

Another thing you don't know. I invited seven of my family members outside of Groveland who in turn bought meal/raffle tickets and beverages at the barbecue. Had you only looked into it and asked any one of the STCHS volunteers, food venders or your own committee chair person (before you wrote your opinion) you would have realized your error and discovered these people to be, in fact, very supportive.

In any case, it is not wise to insult your "customers." Many may not support the next STCHS fundraising effort because of your opinion.

Paul Pieretti


America's priorities

To the Editor:

What do Kim Kardashian, the iPhone and big-box stores have in common? The priorities of a nation and what's killing us faster than criminals on Capitol Hill. If people were tested on their knowledge of history and current events, more would know Kim had her butt X-rayed while guessing that Thomas Paine sells furniture. Nothing inhibits freedom and democracies more than ignorance, apathy - and today's addiction to hand-held gadgets.

While the masses remain dumbed-down, the gap between the Haves' and the Have Nots' grows exponentially and America's core, its middle-class, loses its homes and jobs as millionaire penthouses enjoy a market boom. If more people knew of ALEC and how this group is too close to comfort, instead of who's "Dancing with the Stars," would we have allowed Wall Street bailed out instead of Main Street? American infrastructure; subsidies in mental health, education and public care for the poor- all cling to scraps on the dog bones of assistance, yet corporate heads of Big Pharma and health insurance enjoy perks of egregious wealth like monarchies of yesteryear.

So who's to blame? Politicians? Those liberals? El Nino? Blame our priorities, because a government for the people, by the people, only works when the people care. So if more care about the rump roast of our existence "the powers that be" take full advantage, sleeping well in the comfort of wealth, callous to those dining from dumpsters. Now an election year looms - and they depend on American ignorance to support those in ALEC to keep oil companies from paying taxes and not notice that if taxing the rich less is to create jobs - why is anyone unemployed?

Maria Cristina Long