Union Democrat staff

United We Stand;

Divided We Fall

To the Editor:

Candidates wishing to run as a Republican are required to sign an oath to never raise taxes. This "my way or no way" mentality is paralyzing state and federal governments.

No new taxes means extending temporary tax cuts to people earning more than $250,000/year and not reforming our tax code that is full of loopholes allowing major companies not to pay taxes, encouraging them to outsource jobs and giving subsidies to companies earning record profits (oil, ethanol). No new taxes means more budget cuts.

Budget cuts are to programs affecting our schools, our fire and police protection, our roads and bridges, health programs for our children and elderly - cuts that affect Americans already losing their jobs, their homes, their businesses - cuts that do not affect the wealthy who are indifferent to the importance these programs have for most Americans. These cuts also undermine our future prosperity by not investing in programs that will expand our economy.

Yes, we need budget cuts. We also need equitable taxes. We need politicians who want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem; citizens who place country over party. Politicians who just want to point fingers should step down.

"Thoughtful, civil discussion on the issues that divide us and an attempt to really develop a consensus" (Justice Sandra Day O'Connor) are needed. Yes, united we stand - and divided we fall.

John Wayne expressed his vision of patriotism when John F. Kennedy won the 1960 election: "I didn't vote for him but he's my president, and I hope he does a good job."

America needs all Americans to get to work solving our problems. Let's do it.

Ellen Beck


Columbia Elementary

To the Editor:

As a graduate of Columbia School, I am dismayed to see what is going on there now. As a parent of a graduate, daughter of a former teacher and wife of a former teacher, I am embarrassed to have any association with the school.

Columbia was at one time considered to be one of the best schools in the county. Thanks to the current administration this is no longer true. Considering how Pendley's own son has turned out I would not let him have any say in my child's education. If the parents at Columbia don't let the board they elected know how they feel about Pendley continuing in his current position then they deserve what they get. Max Hagemeyer must be turning over in his grave.

Suzanne Holland


Summerville Homecoming

To the Editor:

Maggie Beck's photo from the Summerville Homecoming game is fantastic. This photo really sums up the excitement of the whole game that night. I hope somebody submits it somewhere for an award. Thank you, Maggie, for capturing the enthusiasm and talent of our local teams.

Vicki Young

Twain Harte