Union Democrat staff

Don Pedro High

To the Editor:

It is surprising to me that Jim Frost (Big Oak Flat-Groveland school superintendent) didn't mention in his statement to the county board concerning the taxpayers being angry about the money being spent to support the Mariposa and Stanislaus county students going to the charter school.

BOFG School District is already supporting students from those counties, they stated at the Sept. 7, board meeting. They made a deal with Mariposa County to take in their students. They have Mariposa students going to Teneya Elementary School. They also have have several Mariposa students going to Don Pedro High School, in order to keep up their enrollment, as they have around 16 Tuolumne County students enrolled at Don Pedro High. It makes no sense to keep the high school open with such a small enrollment.

BOFG needs to allow the charter school to make a revenue-sharing agreement with another school district, close Don Pedro High School and lease the campus to Golden Lakes Charter School. In this way they would save money and also make money. It seems they are not willing to do that. It will cost a half million dollars to keep Don Pedro High open. I don't get the impression they are worried about money.

Lillian Cravens


Climate change

To the Editor:

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle on Sept. 6 quoted Mark Baldassare, CEO of the Public Policy Institute of California, saying "GOP presidential candidates will have a lot of explaining to do to the average Californian if you come to this state and say 'I don't believe in climate change, and this isn't something the government should be involved in.' "

Carl Guardino, CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group, declares, "Valley scientists, engineers, overwhelmingly accept the science behind climate change." These noted voices may sincerely believe this, but the captain of the Titanic sincerely believed his ship would not sink.

The following is a partial list of scientists who have stood to expose the myth and hysteria behind man made "global warming:"

NASA scientists Roy Spencer and John Christy; Dr. Thomas Karl, senior scientist at National Climate Data Center; Dr. Fred Singer, atmosphere scientist. U. of Virginia; Dr. Tom Wigley, senior National Center Atmospheric Research; Dr. Richard Lindgen, MIT, National Academy of Scientists; Dr. Paul Reiter, CDC.

More than 4,000 scientists who signed the Heielberg Appeal say, "There is no compelling evidence to justify control of green house gas." There are multitudes more, but no room.

What the public doesn't know is that in addition to massive dissent among scientists and the doubling of energy prices to all of us, that many cap-and-trade insiders have set up companies here and abroad to make their millions in trading carbon credits when those controls are legalized.

Remember, Eve did not realize she was deceived.

Jan Higgins


Obama tin man

To the Editor:

In regards to the tin man on Phoenix Lake Road. My husband and I live up Phoenix Lake Road. We noticed it and didn't even realize what it was until all of you started commenting on it in the newspaper. How the heck would young children know who it is supposed to be unless the parents tell them.

I am all for free speech, I vote let him stay. Also, I can't wait to see what he will say next.

Christine Leers